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  1. Is there a list of every theory11 deck ever produced? I’ve Been trying to collect them all for the last couple years but I don’t know what else I’m missing. I’m not counting decks that we’re never released (eleven Madison Park Monarchs or pre-release gold Monarchs). I wasnt Around in Theory11 early days so I’m not sure. Do split spades or smoke and mirrors count as Theory11 decks? Also does anyone know what Theory11s first deck ever made was? Any information will help :)
  2. Oh, jeeze. That is a long list. Maybe I will make a full list in my Deck Infosheet posts.

    Split Spades were David Blaine, but I believe we helped with some of the earlier versions.

    Smoke and Mirrors were Dan and Dave, but we helped with earlier versions.

    First ever deck were the Guardians, followed by Propaganda, Centurions, White Centurions, Steampunk, Sentinels, Players, and Rebels. There were other odd things in that mix (Brown Wynns, for example) but those were OUR decks. Then came Monarchs, and Monarchs changed everything.

    // L
  3. Thanks Lyle. Ik it’s a lot of information but I find it very interesting. I just Got my hands on a couple White centurions decks. Curious to know if I have all the theory11 decks yet. Lol. If you have the time to create a full list one day that would be amazing :)
  4. Oops, there goes MikeK1, down the rabbit hole :)

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