Theory11 decks versus standard Bicycle decks

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  1. Over on another forum, someone said about his first experience with a Theory11 deck that the way these cards handle/shuffle out of the box felt much different than a standard Bicycle deck.

    Is this just the "placebo effect", i.e. imagined? Or is the card-stock, embossing, or finish used with Theory11 decks actually different from that used for a regular Bicycle deck?

    As far as I know Theory11 decks are printed by USPCC at the same factory as their Bicycle decks, and with the same card stock (not sure if it is their Bee casino stock or their Bicycle standard stock). And they do have occasional misaligned borders which all USPCC decks are prone to have on the rare occasion, so I doubt that a different process as such is used.

    Are there any actual differences here? I'm not interested in speculation or "I heard that..." but I'm looking for reliable information on this point, especially in relation to the card stock and finish used.
  2. You already know what I am going to say, we pay more for a deck, or like the design and WE THINK it's a better handling deck. Watch Chris Ramsay where he does a blindfolded test - when he picks up the "off the shelf bikes" he swears that he is holding the more expensive deck.

    It's all marketing.

    Whomever came up with the phrase "this deck handles ..." was a genius.

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