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  1. Day Ten's winners in our 11 Days of Magic contest have been chosen. All those listed below will receive a deck of Brown Wynns - no longer available for purchase - shipped, completely on the house. Our way of saying thanks. :D

    If you believe you are one of the ten on the list below, check the email address associated with your order for full prize information.

    Azeem S. - Philadelphia, PA

    Jose S. - Skillman, NJ

    Cody C. - Couleedan, WA

    Mark M. - Fayetteville, AR

    Kristen D. - Winston Salem, NC

    Luke B. - Tempe, AZ

    Michael R. - Naples, FL

    Grant J. - Paragould, AR

    Benjamin B. - Memphis, TN

    Grant G. - St. Albans, VT

    To those not noted above, you still have time to enter! Every single order on the site counts as one entry and there are still nine days worth of gifts left in our premium theory11 stocking. Check back tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:00pm EST for Day Nine's results.
  2. That's seriously not even funny.....


    *If you don't understand look at my signature
  3. Congrats to all those winners!
  4. Haha, I actually thought was you. :p And then I was like... wait.

    - Sean
  5. congratulations everyone!!!
  6. Lol...I bet you were like..YES!! oh wait.... Damn..
  7. 45 more chances.
  8. 'Grats, y'all.


  9. Azeem S. //

    Where are you located in Philly PA???!!! I am in Media PA!

    It would be cool to meet another PA magician so... PM ME or add me on AIM/Windows live.


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