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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deryn, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. I'm watching Ellen right now and she showed her new "be kind box."

    Inside were a deck of Ellen playing cards by Theory11.

    Where can I get these? Are they even available for sale?

    Here's the video

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  2. Good eye! First time we have seen these in the wild (sorta)!

    These are exclusive to Ellen's Be Kind box. Ellen's team is the only group selling them, and as far as I know that is only happening through the box. We have no plans to sell any at this time.

    // L
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  3. I realized that after a little digging
  4. Oh cool! Those look nifty. Hmmmm, I can only wonder how many brands you guys are teaming up with for custom decks behind the scenes
  5. We get approached to do custom cards for brands ALL THE TIME. We definitely don't end up doing them all, but we have done lots of quiet projects that you would be surprised to see. There are loads of decks out there that we have done that nobody has ever mentioned to us, primarily because they are used and distributed outside of the usual magic / cardistry / card collecting circles. I'd love to see more of these spotted in the wild!

    // L
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  6. Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund is doing some incredible work saving mountain gorillas thank you for caring and helping this cause, theory11 you guys rock! :)

    Also a proud owner of this extremely rare Ellen deck. I love the color and the design of the case. Kind of a modern art deco look with some very nice multi toned foil work lots hearts, stars, suns and moons. Iv'e been buying them up on eBay like crazy before all the other collectors find out about them.
    These will obviously skyrocket is value when the word gets out, just like all the other theory11 exclusive limited editions. Really cool back design on the cards mirrors the back design on the case, kind of a robins egg blue with a white border. The price keeps going up by the day on Ebay. I wouldn't be surprised if these become as valuable as the white centurions or v1 white monarchs soon.
  7. Some of these decks have reported a misprinted Queen - the Clubs index doesn't match the large Spades pip.

    Is this misprint in all the Ellen decks?

  8. I have 3 of them and opened one to find this. Idw open all of them to find out but i doubt it was just the 1
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  9. I have 8 of these decks cuz I love ellen and theory 11 and when they join forces well I just gotta have it. I opened one and mine happened to have the same misprint a spade pip on the queen of clubs. I have no idea if they all do and will not be opening the other 7 to find out.

    I think this is pretty cool and will only increase the value of these ultra rare decks. If you were creative you could use this misprint for a magic trick, when you name the wrong card and then the queen transforms and is like surprise i'm also a spade got you! Or you could use this as a pseudo hypnosis trick where one spectator sees the queen spades the other sees the queen of clubs. Theres a lot of potential here.

    I see people are already starting to list them for a buy it now price of $100 on eBay, it will be fun to see how valuable they become.
  10. I don't think so.

    Something similar happened with the first printing of the Memento Mori Blue deck: the index of the 10 of Spades wasn't done correctly. People said the same thing: "how cool, it can be used for magic, it will increase the value!" In reality however, it was just a quality control error and a mistake that should have been picked up. They went on to fix it in a second printing.

    In my opinion this mistake just makes the Ellen deck worth less. The quality is sub par, given that one of the cards has a blatant error on it. If the price increases on the secondary market it will only be because of the rarity of the deck, not because of this printing blooper. This mistake only diminishes the value of the deck somewhat, given that the Ellen deck is not up to the quality standards that it should be.

    If all the Ellen decks are like this, it's a big embarrassment to the publisher, quite frankly.
  11. I hear what you're saying but it's just a misprint. It doesn't completely compromise the overall quality of the deck. Still handles like a true theory11 deck. If one were to use this deck, break out a sharpie and make that club a spade. Simple.

  12. Memento Mori decks cannot be compared to any deck produced by T11. Theory 11 decks are 100% better and are pure class. The ellen deck on eBay with the buy it now price of $100 sold, so these are only going to go up in value. Get them while you still can people or you will be sad like that time you missed out on the Eleven Madison Park Silver Monarchs.
  13. If you're cardist, Memento Mori decks are probably more your speed than anything Theory11 does, Ellen decks included.

    For me, as neither a magician or cardist, playability is one of the most important aspects of a deck for me. Sure, standard Bicycle faces are kind of boring, but that's much better than a black/white deck or a deck where they made Diamonds and Spades one color, and Clubs and Hearts another.

    So for me, a misprinted card makes the deck a big "PASS ON THIS". Not only is the deck extremely over priced, it's got a big fat printing error.

    The only Sharpies I'm going to take to a deck are for signatures (I was thrilled to have Penn & Teller sign my Citizens 3 of Clubs).

    That's my 2 ad cards on the subject.
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  14. How much did the Be Kind box cost?
  15. I think it was $55 or $75 if you bought it before they sold out (which was mere hours, I believe).
  16. Exactly. Nobody wants to pay $$$ for a premium deck that should be a playable and high quality product, but then turns out to have a glaring mistake like this on it. You can't even play a card game with the cards unless you first give them a home-made "fix" with a sharpie, and that's bound to look a little ugly.

    I'd love to hear some feedback from the publisher about this. Are they aware of this issue? What do they think about it? And do they plan to do anything about it?
  17. I've been looking for information on this, and it seems silent anywhere. If anyone finds a link,etc of theory 11 even acknowledging the misprint, I would love to see it.
  18. I was recently preforming with the Theory 11 Ellen deck and thought of a card revelation on the fly. I tried it out and it went over really well. I thought id share it with you cuz I'm nice like that:D

    I forced the 8 of diamonds and then asked this person who is your favorite female celebrity? I know this person from work and know they really love Ellen. She said Ellen and I then said turn over the card box on the table and she looked and it said Ellen on the front and she looked freaked out. Then I asked whats Ellen's initals she said E.D. and I said you mean like eight of diamonds is that your card? She was like what the beeeeeep you did not just do that and started laughing.
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