Theory11 Ellen Playing V1 and V2?

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  1. A while back Theory 11 produced a special edition Ellen Playing card deck. This was released in the be ellen kind box and was never officially for sale and was a surprise item in the box to subscribers. I was able to get a few on eBay and noticed that V1 first printing had an error on the queen of spades pip. I was on ellen's website and noticed she is now selling these decks

    I bought 2 of them and opened both decks and there were no errors on the queen on spades pip.
    This means that Theory 11 corrected the error and reprinted these Ellen V2 decks.

    Just wanted to bring this up for any playing card collectors out there that there is a V1 and V2 version of the Ellen Playing cards and the V1 error deck is rare and a collectors item. It's historically unprecedented for Theory 11 to print a deck with an error on it. Pretty neat :)
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  2. Thanks for the information!
    Was there a way to tell a difference between the v1 and v2 from the outside of the box?
  3. Wow, I genuinely didn’t know that at all. It’s honestly really interesting.

    I actually really the colors of the Ellen deck, and was hoping they’d one day be for individual sale. Honestly though I was REALLY hoping they would be added to the theory11’s archive, Even an autographed one would be nice, but who am I kidding I never have enough elite points:(
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  4. You can get the Ellen Deck on her website today for $5
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  5. Ugh, they can't be shipped to Europe :( Wish t11 would have these!!
  6. What exactly was the nature of the error on the Queen of Spades?
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  8. Wow. That's a really bad mistake!

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