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    Hey yo all!

    Welcome to month two of the t11 forum Q&A. After the success of Damien's thread last month, we've arranged a special guest for this month who's no stranger to your eye-holes; Bizzaro!


    In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist strives to prove that "normal" is just the setting on a dryer.

    Bizzaro has performed from coast to coast and appeared on FOX, NBC, AmericaÃ*s got Talent, and the Travel ChannelÃ*s Extreme Conventions. He has even been seen at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

    From lighting himself on fire to getting attacked by snack chips, a Bizzaro show is as different as it sounds. Using various types of music as a frame, he creates a unique picture with visual comedy and off the wall illusions that combine a neo-vaudeville style with silent movie antics.

    He has also created original magic that is sold across the world to performers of varying types. The products range from DVDs to one of a kind props. He specializes in fabricating magic for other entertainers and is a creative director and lecturer.

    Bizzaro is an expert in:
    - Character building
    - Prop design
    - Creating unique acts
    - and much more!

    Leave your questions below and Bizzaro will pop in at intervals throughout the month to throw you guys back some answers!
  2. Hey Bizarro, How would you describe the process of finding ones character? and how did you decide to play the part that you do?
  3. If there was a step by step process you wouldn't even have to ask me that, you could just Google it. It's different for everyone for sure. For myself I just portray who I naturally am just ramped up theatrically. I make magic that I would like to see or makes sense to me. I also put stipulations upon myself not to do certain material or find a prop I like and work it into a routine.

    Some people want to play an actual character. Performers like Sylvester the Jester are a good example. He is obviously not a cartoon offstage but is very influenced by them so he created a world onstage using that premise.

    You just have to be honest with yourself and be who you want to be regardless of how many people tell you not to. When I was younger I was told to not wear this or that or use certain props, etc but now it's ok because I proved that that stuff works for me.

    Anyone who wants to argue this with you have them take a look at the success of guys like Jeff McBride or Dan Sperry and them you can tell them shut up.
  4. what of your effect you think that is the best?
  5. How excited were you to release Overstuft out into the world?
  6. ALL of them! More specifically tho', I am quite fond of my silk thru hand effect.

  7. Releasing the effects doesn't quite impact me as much as if people really like it and get use out of it. My Non-Toxic effect was far more well-received than I expected it to be thus I was much happier with that than the actual birthing of the effect itself.

    It is nice when you see something you created come to fruition however.
  8. Bizzaro,

    What is your creative process? By that, I mean where do you begin? Do you start with an effect you want to create and then create a method, or is it vice versa? Can you expand on how you create your own magic, and could you give us a tip on creating or something we should think about when attempting to create our own magic. Is there something that makes it easier for you?

  9. What inspires your character? Is there a reason to your lucious eye brows, Carmen San Diego hat and fish tie? How has having such a vibrant character helped you in your career?
  10. Usually it starts with me thinking to myself "Wouldn't it be funny if?" and I go from there. The effect comes first because I know I can develop a method. One thing I can say is that if you have an idea MAKE IT IMMEDIATELY. Even if its a shoddy version just do it. Otherwise you might not ever do it.

    For those who might be interested I will give you guys access to my creativity notes Here.
  11. Most of it is out of necessity to look more professional and have a theatrical flair. I wear a trenchcoat in real life but on stage I needed one that gave the shape of the coat definition hence the red trim.

    Originally I was just using eyeliner and blackening my eyebrows so they would be more visible from stage. Over time I started accentuating the features more into the lustbrows you see today.

    The red hat was because the black hat just vanished on stage.

    The fish tie I only wear when I perform stand up. Originally the fish was for something else that didn't work out so I made it a tie.

    It's not just the look but the whole picture that helps me stand out. My style of performing is an extreme example of course since I grew up working nightclubs and live music venues. You had to stand out and usually do it without talking. As my friend says, you should be the best dressed or the most noticeably dressed in the room. You don't want them asking you to refill their water glass.
  12. Hey Bizzaro! About what time did you start creating effects?
  13. 8:30pm PST I think?

    *Ahem* Fairly early on. I always did what made sense to me (And a lot of magic makes NO SENSE) so I would alter the look or presentation of a trick or routine even at a young age. A lot of the things I created early on were stage effects as I was always drawn to that style of magic.
  14. What is it like being on the road really? I mean we all know about the glitz and glamor but most people don't talk about the long drives ( or flights) the bad weather, drunks in crowds, etc. So what would you say your worst road experience was and what would you say to someone going on the road looking for work performing?
  15. I have only been on the road a little bit and the times I went out were with a sideshow. I can tell you that there is very little glitz or glamor unless yer a rockstar and even then it's work.

    Like everything it's got it's ups and downs and it's not the life for everyone for sure. The worst tour I did was one we called "Death Trap 2007". We went from TX to PA and back in a modified school bus that caught fire, broke brake wires multiple times and the gas got jammed open while I was driving and I had to take an illegal left turn at a red light going about 30mph. The shows, memories and stories after the fact are great.

    I can't really give too much advice for those wanting to go out as I didn't book the tours myself. I would say get someone who knows what they are doing to handle it, but make sure it's someone you can trust. If you can do it yourself, awesome.

    Like the saying goes, it's not the destination but the journey and some journeys are laden with booby traps.
  16. So let me ask you guys a question: Do you feel you are performing the magic you want to do or the magic you think you HAVE to do?
  17. At this point I'm definitely doing the things I want to do. When I started I did try to do the things I thought I had to (because people told me I couldn't be good if I didn't have a cups and balls act or whatever) - but I wasn't interested. So I lost a lot of steam and nearly dropped magic all together. In a way, I guess I did. Then I just learned stuff because I was interested in it as a subject, not because I was trying to be a good magician. Now I continue that - I learn what I am interested in and don't force myself to learn the things that will never be in my show.

    PS - Thanks for the insights thus far :)
  18. I'm still learning so as I'm going through the books and dvds and learning all these sleights I have kind of feel like I have to know all of this but I only ever show people magic that I love because if I don't love it how can I make them feel something about it?
  19. If all the doughnut companies of the world stopped producing all doughnuts with the exception of one kind, and you were elected to be the person to decide for the world what the one kind of doughnut that would be for ever more produced- all other kinds cancelled, What would you choose and why?
  20. Chocolate covered because I'm selfish.

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