Theory11 Gaff Deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greg, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. I think theory11 should make a gaff deck bicycle back what do you think guys.
  2. I hope you don't mind me asking but: Why?
  3. That Sounds Fine If Its None Of That Crap That Ellusionist Sells

    Maybe Something That You Actually Have A Use For
  4. Are you kidding me? What's wrong with E's gaff deck? You can get some pretty sick reactions with it.

  5. It's Very Annoying When You Capitalize Every First Letter Of Every Word In A Sentence.

    Also, comments like the one you posted make you look pretty ignorant.
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  6. the e deck is actually pretty good. also, a t11 deck would be cool
  7. i don't think there is need for one we just need to wait for ultra gaff deck when E finally releases it
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    I hate when people contradict each other, why can't we just all get along.
  9. I'm not much of a big fan of E, but they have the best gaff decks in the market as of now.
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  10. Hey everyone,

    Let's calm down just a notch here. This thread is not about Ellusionist, or any other products. State your opinion on the matter which Greg posted about and that is it.

    So let calm heads prevail and get on with our magic lives :),
  11. I don't have E's but I won't get it because it's $30 for a deck. That's too much, it's not like it takes more ink for it then on normal bicycles.
  12. Wow! So true.
    Now my opinion:
    I think there are enough gaffed cards out there to take advantage of.
  13. Well basically every good gaff deck is more money than a regular.

    Should T11 put out a gaff deck, no. There's no need to. Wayne and Danny just finished the Ultra Gaff deck for E. Why would they make another? Plus, a lot of people don't like gaff decks and after all the decks E already has, I'm pretty sure magicians are all gaffed out.

    What I would like to see from T11 is a new levitation effect.
  14. Comments in Cyan.

  15. first E gaff decks have nothing to do with T11, send i don't know much but i think ultra gaff is no going to be sell here third i believe the artists can come out with a revolutionary gaff deck.
  16. Hi Z,
    Don't take it personal unless it effects you personally. You're 15 years old and good on you. You have the advantage of young age on your side. This gives you the opportunity not only to learn tricks but to master some of them by the time you reach your adult hood. All great magicians started at a young age, and you could very well be the next Lance Burton or David Copperfield if you set your mind to it. Unfortuneately most your age who are learning magic are what I call download junkies who care nothing about theory , presentation or performance. Anyone can learn and do a trick, but only those who are willing to seriously dedicate themselves to the art will aspire to great levels of achievement.
  17. man just got my respect.
  18. sorry i didnt mean to put down anybody
    it wont happen again

    im just saying some of their stuff is a is a bit unpractical
    i dont know about the best gaff deck but it is the most well known

    but we never know what theory 11 can put out there
  19. Are you speaking through this from Experience?
    I however have performed a couple of times with gaffed cards. I performed Syd Segal's "wipeout" effect that deals with blank cards. And I got good reactions.
  20. First of all, thanks Greg for your comment. It made my day.:) Thanks!
    Ryanplunkett: Hey, we all say things we wish we never said, but we usually say what's really on our mind at the time. However, time never stands still and we must all move on. I'm sure no feelings were hurt by what you said, and I always respect others opinions, as we all should, even if we don't agree. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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