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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Our 1-on-1 training section was updated tonight with a brand new video from the dangerous mind of daniel+Madison – GLITCH.

    An instant, visual color change inspired by Dan and Dave's Click Change and Ed Marlo's Snap Change. One card visually changes into another with a smooth flourish.

    A simple and effective color change done with finesse. Taught in 8 minutes of instruction by daniel+Madison.

    > > GLITCH :: by daniel+Madison
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  2. Pwnage... (word count)
  3. I agree...this pwns.

    I think I'll get it, but just to clarify, is the clean up instant, like with the click change? Because I'm looking for a good snap change that has instant front card to deck like that.
  4. Instant clean-up. Ends 100% clean with deck.
  5. Yummy, gonna pick this up tommorow morning.
  6. Not trying to be the party pooper, but how is this any different than the snap change? No offense intended.

  7. This is great. Good price.
  8. i am With you on this one dude
  9. Just by one look and jumping over here.

    the grip is totally different.
    And it's closer to the click change, which is DnD's instant cleanup snap change.

    It runs a close line...but it's definitely pretty, I might have to pick it up sometime this week.
  10. I second this question. Except I wonder how it differs from the "Click Change."


  11. Woah, its only 5 bucks? Didn't look at the price. DEFINENTLY gonna get this one.
  12. yes this looks like the jonas change only holding a deck ?
  13. Different Grip. I for one didnt like the click change grip. It just doesn't feel right in my hands. Don't know why.
  14. I agree. I might get this later
  15. i like the editing in the vid as for the change it looks alright i personally think click looks better this change position seems uncomfortable and kinda wierd
  16. Oh, and to those who asked 'how is it different.'
    Without noticing the grip, T11 wouldn't put it out if it wasn't different in some way. They're not that kind of company.

    and one should always remember to pay close attention because "the devil is in the detail".

  17. Well from knowing the click change and seeing this video, I see many key differences.

    Glitch starts with a flourish from the bottom of the deck, then instantly changes. Looks more natural than the click. I never used the click change because it didn't look and feel natural to me. This will probably be a bit nicer.
  18. Glitch starts with a slick flourish done from the bottom of the deck - and it ends clean with the deck square. Different, beautiful, and practical.
  19. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
  20. I think it looks cool. I may not purchase it since I do the click change but I do like the new 1-on-1.

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