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Theory11 Is Great!

Jul 18, 2009
It always amazes me how great Theory11 is as a company!

First, they offer all existing customers a free trick, thats cool!

Then, I have problems with my internet and it refuses to download due to my constantly changing IP address. So I submit a support ticket

What's next, they get it fixed in less than 2.5 hours and I get to download the Shinobi control!

That's customer service.

Jul 8, 2008
Nice choice man! I picked this too lol. It was an EXTREMELY generous notion to get the problem fixed by taking out over 12 hours of their personal time so we can all get a free 1on1 :) But yeah, the Shinobi control kicked butt :)
Oct 8, 2007
Charleston, SC
Ryan - thank you for the post. We've been working our aces off to ensure that this promotion goes as smoothly as possible. The t11 crew is thrilled with the number of members who are participating in this event - we truly appreciate your gratitude.
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