theory11 is pretty good but...

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  1. Theory 11 is pretty good, but....


    Mad props to Dizzi for finding this. Yes, posting a thread like this is the most hypocritical thing ever, and I admit it. If Anyone reports this post thread, I'll delete it. I just thought this was too good to pass up! =P
  2. haha. yeah. it's pretty awesome and hilarious :p

    edit: props to andrew mayne for finding the site first.
  3. I want to see Kayne West play a son MTV told him not to, throw a Bass 20 feet in the air, have it land on his head, and then challenge Axl Rose to a fight.
  4. haha that's pretty good.
    mad props for whoever made this! YES! WIN!

    I think this is one of my favorite internet memes ever xD
  6. I don't why people are going nuts about this. He got what he wanted. Make everyone think about him.

    But that was funny.
  7. i might report this lol
    thats great. can u do this with anysite?
  8. Yes. Just replace the website name in the URL. ;)

  9. Dude...This is such an epic win..I made a couple magic-related Kanye photoshops that I will share tonight in the chat.
  10. heh I guess I'm too old or something to get the joke...:confused:
  11. XD epic!

  12. Or you just havent watched T.V. or anything on the internet for the past 4 days. haha
    Kanye did this with taylor swift after she won an award for best female music video. He got up on stage and said beyonces video was the best of all time.
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    Here's the jist:

    Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's first VMA award speech - he just took the microphone and exclaimed Beyonce's was the best video ever. (It was a Best Music Video award).

    President Obama called him a jackass, and it's now an internet meme.

    Thank you 4chan.

    If you want to watch the videos: here

  14. HAHA
    Awesome man!
  15. I hear Kayne West likes fishsticks... (South Park joke)
  16. Former President Bush said, "Kayne West doesn't care about white people." (Jay Leno)
  17. hahahaha nice
  18. Does the link not work anymore?
  19. Yeah, I think it was taken down. :(


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