theory11 LIVE Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. For this week's Saturday Night Contest - we wanted to do a theory11 roundtable discussion. But we wanted to do it differently - and we wanted to do it live.

    The event starts at 8:00pm EST - 30 minutes from right now. At that time, a link will be posted in this forum thread explaining how to be part of it. No prizes tonight - other than presents for CK - but we have put together an amazing panel. Whatever you do - do not miss this.


    10:00pm EST UPDATE: This live roundtable discussion has concluded. Special thanks to Andrei Jikh, daniel+Madison, Chris Kenner, Tom Isaacson, B. Smith, Dan Hauss, and Katie Egleston for being tonight's hosts - and look forward to the next edition.
  2. 1st! i think!

    and YAAAY

    And Baymey, did you get my email? if not CHECK IT


    The awesome monky.
  3. Whos the roundtable with?
  4. 20 minutes to go..
  5. 14 mins to go
  6. 13.59 minutes to go...
  7. yay a snc!

    I know many have started magic young but for whoever this goes to
    I'd like to know how many years?months? did it take you to think that you were avanced at it?
  8. and now 12...


    I bet dougy wants to pop me in the face right now.
  9. This is going to be pretty cool
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    Should be amazing -- can't wait!

    PS -- Only eight minutes until launch. ;)

  11. Awesome!!!!

    cant wait just got a txt saying 2 get online for the round table discussion and here i am it rocks
  12. 6 minutes to go
  13. five minutes!!!!
  14. 4 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 3 minutes yayyyyyyyyy

    Lol, should be fun though.
  17. 2 minutes yayyyyyyyyyy
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    3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

    2 minutes!!!!!!!!!

    I'm get annoying
  19. just got the txt! im ready!
  20. 1st

    What exactly are these Roundtable events i'm excited :D

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