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  1. Okay I've been having problems with the site when it comes to looking at their magic tricks. Whenever I click general magic, it shows that all tricks, cardistry, cards, and coins are classified as general magic except for rapture. Then on top of that the prices are really wack, like it says smoke it only 14.95 and then Twitch is 34.95? I don't know if it's just me or the site I would like to know if anyone is having this problem
  2. magic tricks

    nope for me twitch is 5.95
  3. The pricing seems ok for me but yes im seeing the same classification errors. Im sure its just a temporary glitch
  4. on mine it is showing twitch as 4.95
  5. On my screen, the difficulty for everything is easy. Which isn't normal.
  6. For me it is showing the tabled faro as easy!!!
  7. Yep mine computer shows all the effects are easy, and the classification errors are still bad, but the prices for most of them are normal again.
  8. Hi All,

    Sorry for the brief hiccup with filtering on the trick page! We've been upgrading our systems to prepare for the unveiling of a ton of new content, and this was a direct result. Everything should be in working order now.


    // Mark
    lead developer :: theory11
  9. Thank you it all looks normal again.

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