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    I was looking through some old forum threads and I found this and it gave me an idea.

    "Thanks for the comments. I put a lot of time into producing music for these projects and it's great to hear that people enjoy it. There are what I would consider to be some very cool new tracks on the way. Keep checking the media section.

    About the CD thing - I could definitely see releasing a T11 Music CD in the future if enough people say they want it.


    Since there have been MULTIPLE threads about the theory11 music and the fact that just about everyone on this site would like a CD or some sort of MP3 download of some sorts.

    He said if enough people said they wanted it, he might do it. I say, right here, right now, we say that we would really like it. I mean, the music is just awesome right? lol

    idk, that's my 2 cents.
  2. Yes!!

    I second that thought :)
  3. I agree, I would buy a copy for sure! Music for these projects are unreal...and Dana knows it too hehe.

  4. I would definately buy this!!!!
    That's four of us, lets see how big this gets.
  5. the music totally AMAZING. love them.
  6. +1 for meeee
  7. I don't think a CD is necessary.. but downloads are welcome.
  8. wouldn't matter to me whether it was a download or a CD, I'd buy it in a heartbeat

  9. i think CD is a great idea i definetly buy it! :)
  10. Indeed

    The music is brilliant, and I'm saying that as a musician myself. I'd love to buy a CD or download. Or maybe you can add it as a special to your next dvd.
  11. The music is amazing!i would pay big money for a copy!

    come on know it makes sense :)
  12. I'm definitely in!!
  13. I'm in. I'd definatly get the downlaods :D Danas' work is incredible!

    -:// Matt //:-
  14. I would definatly get it! I have pmed dana couple times about his music its great!
  15. The music is awesome, but I don't want to pay shipping for it so I'm hoping for pay to download songs or even a whole album for download.

  16. I'll get it. The music is awsome. Someone forward this to Dana.
  17. The theory is eleven with the sound of muuuuuuuusiiiiiiiiic.
  18. Count me in. The Lions preview music was wicked sick.
  19. Im In Too....A CD or Downloads would be pretty sweet!
  20. I'd buy it... make it a 1on1! :D

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