theory11 news bulletin 09/10/08 : Special Presentation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Over the past several weeks, we have been quietly working behind the scenes on something special. We have never publicly discussed it. We have reserved our right to remain silent. And tonight, we will finally break that silence.

    theory11 will be holding a special presentation tonight at 6:00pm EST to shed some light on what we've been up to. A glimpse, a vision, a first look. Be there to be a part of it.
  2. Hmm so that's 3 pm pacific time. Damn come out of school 5 minutes after. Can't wait.:D
  3. The wire maybe? mr Bayme?

    I'm glad that I'm awake :)

    If its cardistry related I think I have heard about it..
  4. THE WIRE!

    I hope so.
  5. in fact they are going to make me a mod... for my "banned" thread, they think I have what this site needs, also be sure to check Artist section soon, my photo will be there shortly...

    (Just kidding...Hope is the wire!!!):D
  6. Sounds important! :D I'm guessing the wire, but everyone jumps to that conclusion all the time. We'll see....
  7. Hmmm kool

  8. Hopefully it's the wire. Even if it isn't, knowing T11 it will probably still be pretty cool. =]
  9. Aaaah theory11 and their secrets..
    Wonder what it'll be this time?
  10. hum....i can't help but wonder that it'll be someting like an announcement of a new project by Aaron Fisher...hum....

    I wont go for the wire because everyone else in doing it, and im being individualistic.
  11. It's going to be the release of a phenomenal new piece of underground footage of me dancing to Celldweller that I submitted to the media section and didn't get put up on the site :p

  12. is it just me or should the picture say "wednesday september 10"
    not september 9....
    i'm gonna get hated on... ahaha oh wells
  13. its all a scam as eveyone knows the world is gunna end today
  14. Maybe they're building a time machine to go back to a wednesday September 9th of the passed...or... the FUTURE!
  15. apparently there is some form of proton experiment today which could result in a black hole killing everyone... So the world may just end!

    Maybe that's what they've been working on, splitting a proton or something :p

  16. What time is that in the UK? i get so confused with all the EST, PST, STD times...
  17. How much longer to go?
  18. Well, the big question is, will we get to know the big secret before we all die in a blaze of white hot fury?!

  19. Right now its 600 am EST Lloyd. So twelve hours from now.
  20. probably a new forum feature since it can't be magic:p
    or a 24-magic tv channel yeah:p
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