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    Welcome to theory11. Welcome to the Forums.

    We believe in freedom of speech. theory11 is a place where you are free to discuss just about anything (magic-related) that you'd like. There are few limitations, but there are some rules you should know below (see also: Media Guidelines).

    We understand that theory11 isn't the only source for quality magic on the internet, and therefore we don't restrict conversation to solely theory11, our products, etc. At theory11, our policy is to respect all of those that respect the art. As long as you respect the art, and respect each other, just about anything's welcome here. So let freedom reign.

    But don't forget to read the rules. Our staff and our moderators reserve the right to delete or appropriately edit any post at any time to maintain these established forum rules at the discretion of our moderation team. Members who choose not to follow the guidelines below are subject to a temporary or permanent ban from the theory11 site in the interest of protecting and preserving a professional, respectful community.

    • Please keep all content, usernames included, PG-13. All inappropriate content will be deleted.
    • Examples of appropriate usernames:
      // Magic4Life
      // KingofCards
    • Examples of INappropriate usernames:
      // AndRsonCooperIsMyHero
      // [censored]

    • We understand that times are changing, but please try to keep profanity down to an absolute minimum. Certainly no S-Bombs. Definitely no F-Bombs. Z-Bombs are fine (if you can figure out what they are).
    • Racial slurs are strictly prohibited. Unless you’re talking about Santipiwa Tribesman, Aiulanu Warriors, or native Chintillians, who no one likes.
    • Be nice, respectful, and professional. Or else I will crush you.
    • Teaching of ALL effects and/or sleights, moves, etc. is not permitted. Feel free to post performances in our Media section, though. I hear it’s the bomb diggity… times ten.
    • This is a place to discuss magic. We’d prefer that you keep all trading and selling of personal items to other venues. Few people would like to know about your eBay auction for a Chicken McNugget that strangely resembles Chris Kenner’s profile. Actually, I’m lying. That would be insane. I’d bid on it. But a slightly used Invisible Deck? Not so much.

    • If your product is really that good, it will get around on its own. No need to market it here.
    • Holding a contest on your YouTube channel or Instagram is simply another form of Advertising. We no longer allow contests or giveaways that take you off of
    • Being a forum, it’s highly important that you make each thread/post readable and grammatically correct. We pride ourselves on the fact that over 47% of our users are literate.
    • Some examples of what NOT to post:
      // “COOL NeW Trik!!! __ Chex ITS OuT!!”
      // “Doo u tink u can hlp me on dis dbl lft junk??! lemme kno…. k”
    • Treat others within the forum respectfully, courteously, and professionally. Criticism should be kept constructive at all times. Do it, to it.
    • Allow us to define this first: “Thread Bumping” is the act of posting a pointless comment within the thread, as to bring it back to the top of a particular board. It’s just not necessary. Also, please avoid commenting on really old posts. If your thread is genuinely of value, then it will make it to the top on its own. Please refrain from “thread bumping”.
    Have fun guys! The theory11 forums are here for YOU.
  2. [Updated 12/5/2018] - Added section about Holding Contests, and a clarification regarding thread bumping.
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