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Aug 10, 2012
As time pass by I’ve noticed many companies such as dan&dave, ellusionist, and some others, produce new stuff just as theory 11 would ... but I’ve come to notice something, that I’m pretty sure you guys would all agree ... theory 11 is one of the only companies that doesn’t have its official merchandise ... I mean, cards is good and all but, a company as good and known as theory 11 should have its official merchandise by now but they don’t. the examples of what I mean by "merchandise" would be like deck clips, t-shirts, wrist bands, coins, caps, etc ...... I know they support USPCC by selling official bicycle and bee merchandise but I think they should also have and sell their own merchandise

this has caught my attention due to the release of the "halo" wrist band by ellusionist then I thought, "cool, a wrist band that really accentuates that you’re a magician" there was just one problem ... simply put ... I don’t like ellusionist at all ... sorry ellusionist fanboys, no offense ... was on the verge of actually buying it but then I thought "I don’t like ellusionist" ... so eventually I convinced myself and didn’t buy it, I would not want to go to a mall wearing an ellusionist wrist band as if saying "I’m an ellusionist fan" (since I’m not) ... I have been an avid fan of theory 11 ever since, this is the place that actually opened my eyes to cardistry this is pretty much my second home (too dramatic??? XD) (i visit theory 11 twice in one day, everyday) pretty much 85% of my total decks come from theory 11 (including my centurions, white monarchs, brown wynns, first edition black bee stingers, red stingers, jaqks, etc(not meant to brag, I swear))

now let me ask you, the people who love theory 11 as much as I do ... wouldn’t you want to wear a theory 11 shirt to a mall and say "this is my roots" or do a magic trick with a deck clipped to a Joe Porper clip with the theory 11 logo cutout (i specifically would love to see this come true) or do coin magic with a coin designed by Chris Kenner or perhaps a wrist band with the famous monarch latin saying "Cerca Trova" ???

I want to know what you guys think about this idea and just hope this idea would come to the attention of Jonathan Bayme and the theory 11 team and would come to pass (fingers crossed)

Thanks for taking your time in reading this thread this has been quite a mouthful XD
Nov 9, 2012
England, UK
I would LOVE to see wrist bands and if they could come in two sizes, large and small that would be better because where I'm a girl my wrists are tiny :)


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Apr 7, 2012
One thing that sort of struck me as a good idea would be for Theory 11 to produce close up mats. Ellusionist created their monster of a mat in a price range that is just impractical enough to avoid. I feel like Theory 11 should produce close up mats in multiple sizes, as to provide options and justify changes in price. They could have limited white-colored ones like they did with the Centurions and put the big Theory 11 logo right in the middle. I know I'd buy one.
Dec 20, 2012
Reading the first post, am I the only one who thinks that the Ellusionist accessories, with the idea of a 'magic band' in particular, are incredibly tacky?

If (in the band's case) it serves no purpose other than to have T11 or Ellusionist written all over it, and I see no point in them, other than being an overpriced way to pay for advertising their maker. I realise this is what most people are doing when buying brand clothes, but at least those serve a purpose, whereas this magic band has nothing to do with magic, and just devalues the company selling them in my eyes. Maybe if they had a real function, such as a compartment or magnetism..but then why would I want it to be so flashy?

Dan and Dave at least have managed to stay classy with their merchandise, and aren't targeting the kid with too much money and a lack of good judgement when it comes to their accessories. Their stuff might be overpriced, but at least it is in good taste without needing to sprawl a massive and obnoxious logo all over it (unlike the E close-up mat, or dog tag, or even...luggage tag?? really?). The only exception I can think of would be T-Shirts, as people are used to oversized logos being on them and wouldn't really question them as opposed to an other in-your-face accessory.

The last thing I would want is tell spectators that this is where I buy my magic tricks off the internet.

Jonathan, I hope that if you read this you will make sure Theory11 merchandise is high-quality, discreet (perhaps with a logo in the corner, as it is a nice logo) and functional. And let it be in good taste, don't start making skateboard decks unlike some. Thanks, looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store!
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Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
Looks great J.B. and Lyle!

I like the idea of merchandise. Just like a skater might wear a Vans hat, a basketball player would wear a rubber Nike wristband, or a snowboarder would wear a Burton dog tag. I really think it can be pulled off well, I don't know if everyone has pulled it off well in the past but I'm willing to bet Theory11 will do just fine.
Aug 16, 2011
Hey guys!

Just a sneak peak of something we are really excited about. These look AMAZING, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on them. You can see how these were produced here -


This is only the beginning.

// L

That shirt design looks awesome! It looks like something that can be bought in a higher end retail store and doesn't scream 'I'm a Magician who buys my stuff at this specific online shop!' It looks classy and super stylish. Kudos and a golf clap go to T11 for listening and knowing what the people want!
Apr 20, 2013
Wristband is good. But really, what does a magician usually wears?
In most video, magic or flourish, there is one accessory that the magicman usually wear.
It was RINGS.

Beddros Akkelian AKA Spidey have awesome rings attached to his fingers.
Daniel Garcia wear several of them too..
SHADE, the Artifice Artist, wear a gorgeous poker lucky Ace of Spade ring.

I would love it if T11 releases these kinds of accessory.
It would be something that the magician wears and bring out everywhere they go.



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Jul 23, 2007
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I would love it if T11 releases these kinds of accessory. It would be something that the magician wears and bring out everywhere they go.

Interesting idea - always open to suggestions! Will discuss among our crew. Keep the ideas flowing; very grateful for the feedback!


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Apr 7, 2012
Seriously, close up mats would be amazing. Any Theory 11 logo would look great on a mat. The Artisans, The Rebels, just the standard 11 logo, I'd buy it.
Jan 22, 2012
You need to do the Theory11 logo on the shirt because that would look sick! Also putting it on to a hat or a bracelet would be great as well.
Aug 30, 2012
You need to do the Theory11 logo on the shirt because that would look sick! Also putting it on to a hat or a bracelet would be great as well.

I agree with the hat, the shirt, patches even. It won't be gaudy or cheesy and with all the shirts T11 has done they would look classy and elegant
Jan 22, 2012
Exactly! The Theory11 shirts they've been putting out aren't cheesy looking. Some magic shirts look so cheesy so it's nice to buy a magic shirt that actually looks good to wear.
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