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theory11 on IRC?

Sep 9, 2007
I miss the IRC channel, guys...
I know only few of us were hanging out there, but damn!

Realtime chatting > forum posting

Deleted member 2755

I actually was about to PM Sean Raf about this later today. I stopped me a few times over the past week. I guess people have been busy for a while. I know I have.

Jan 13, 2008
Yeah, I was away for a while (busy with midterms for about a month to a month and a half), but when I returned the irc channel was gone. :(

It'd be nice to have it back. :)
Oct 11, 2008
I'd use irc for sure.

Gaming is another one of my hobbies right behind magic, so I'm on gamesurge most of the time.

Dec 4, 2007
What's there to talk about that we can't here?
I used to go on the IRCs but I never got it.

A message board isn't meant for chatting. It's meant for messages to be posted which people respond to. It can take too long for responses. A chat, on the other hand, allows for instant responses, very fun discussion, and much more which you just cannot get from a message board.

I can tell you that a few very nice effects (no, not some little stuff thought up in a few seconds) have spawned from the IRC chats. It's a nice way to get instant answers, discuss thoughts with others, and just chat in general.

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