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  1. Is there any Theory 11 shops at towns in Europe? I don't have credit card so I can't buy anything on the on-line shop.
  2. what the hell is a theory 11 shop? there are redistributors. MOst magic stores will have supply of t11 products
  3. Thats the most sadest part of T11 they havent enlarged to Europe yet. Its all about The USA and that pisses me off sometimes beacuse for instance i couldnt get brown wynns, nor i cant get the White Centourions. I can only buy the downloadable stuff...
  4. T11 is not a brick and mortar magic's an online retailer only. I suggest you borrow your parent's credit card and pay them in cash. Thats what I did for years before I got a credit card.
  5. I believe magicbox in the UK are an official distro for the T11 stuff, Chris will know better than me as he works with them, but I'm pretty sure!

  6. Yep yep yep!

    The magicbox in Newcastle upon Tyne, can be found at, and they stock MOST of the T11 stuff. Super nice guy's as well. If you contact them, you'll probably talk to Michael, who is a very knowledgeable guy, and has some badass mentalism stuff on the market!

  7. haha, i'd found that site just 2 days ago, wish i'd seen the link earlier, was tempted by centurions, but fought the urge as im saving for a while, but will definitely be purchasing from there in the future :D
  8. Yeah, I mean like I say, they're real nice guy's, and the prices are really fair.

    As an aside, Centurion's are Niiiiiice! As a (primarily) card guy, I take my cards VERY seriously, and I am also a collector of custom cards, and as far as ACTUAL card handling goes, the T11 decks handle the best over any other 'special' deck, in my opinion!

  9. the prices are really fair, and i think they should post an advert or have a link somewhere on this site so more people from the UK can get to them, i've paid upwards of £6 for a deck from a UK site before (Split spades lions) and they were definitely worth it, so im looking forward to a point in time when i can get my hands on a few decks of centurions... :)
  10. That's actually something the guy's are considering.

    They currently don't advertise on line, anywhere I believe, but they are considering advertising on Reel magic magazine, and I've talked about getting them to advertise through

    Glad you liked the shop mate! By the way, The guy's run the south tyneside magic fest every year, and we have Dave Williamson and Banachek coming uo next year so check it out! It's gonna be great!

  11. your pissed off because a American company sells mainly to America?
  12. He's pissed off that an American company doesn't happen to ship to where he is - two different things, since it's possible to offer services to Europe notwithstanding and entirely separate from American service.
  13. thats true, but it is most likely a matter of infrastructure and company costs. adding a international depart is hardly worth it just to sell people cards at people are buying anyway..... apart from that most other items are available from overseas distributes.

    when i used to fence, i bought all my gear from leon paul in England. it cost me double after shipping and stuff and i think they made me pay VAT? i can;t remember for sure. i understand the frustration but that is how it goes when working with a foreign small business. its not walmart or amazon after all.
  14. Yeah, that's cool, no arguments about your explanation - just clarifying his statement, so to speak - but I agree that the business from some international destinations simply would not justify, commercially, shipping.
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    You can also check out some primary featured retailers of theory11 products here: There are some stores across Europe, including in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, as well in Asia and North America, of course.

  16. Ok so to clear things up i get pissed off when new cards ands such come out beacause i would bouy mabe 4-5 decks but the price id have to pay is too big. The toll fee is alone alot more than those decks togehther.

    So id have to buy somewhat 100decks to make it worth it.

    But its good to know that Germany has them. Mabe ill go there next summer or so and get some stuff :)
  17. Hey Guys,

    Just a note to remind you, if your local magic shop does not carry T11 products, shoot me a PM and I will contact the shop and do my best to hook them up.

  18. That's awesome Katie, a very cool offer!

    Though, like I say, I'm lucky enough to have the Magicbox on my doorstep, some guy's don't, so that's an awesome offer!


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