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  1. The art of scaling playing cards has been one of constant fascination to both cardists and magicians alike. It is one of the cornerstones of Ricky Jay's act - and it put Ricky Smith Jr. in the record books. Tonight's contest is inspired by this concept.

    Your goal is to create a video demonstrating your card throwing technique. However, we're not looking for speed - we're looking for accuracy. One idea could be scaling as many cards as possible (in a row) into a small target (e.g., a garbage bin or a hat) - or you could try for something more creative (distance, obstacles, etc.). The choice is yours.

    Any technique can be used, but we're looking specifically for accuracy, distance, creativity, and difficulty of the shots. All videos can be uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo, or and must be posted by 11:00pm EDT tonight for judging.

    The prize tonight is a dozen of our recently restocked Bicycle® Centurion playing cards. Good luck guys!
  2. Snc

    This is going to be fun.
    Creativity time.

    -Jon R.
  3. Sorry, is card scaling card throwing?
  4. I would assume so since Ricky Jay's book "Cards as Weapons" was about card throwing, but I wouldn't take it from me, I would like to hear an answer.
  5. You are correct that this challenge is about card throwing, simply put. Card scaling is commonly used to refer to the same - synonymous.
  6. Thank you!
  7. aww to bad i cant throw cards well =[
  8. damn my show schedule! ive been working on my card tossing to but i wont get out of my gig and home until after midnight.

    one of these days.
  9. I can throw far but not accurate... of course it's been two hours and no entries, so maybe I stand a chance haha.
  10. Great contest, unfortunately can't enter but I think this is a great idea, stoked to see the entries
  11. Uploading right now... It says it'll be 35 minutes!
  12. Haha forty minutes to go and one potential entry. LOL.
  13. At this rate tonight, all you'd have to do is throw two cards into a hat and take home the prize! Still thirty minutes to go - let's see some entries!
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    There's my entry. I've been practicing my card throwing for quite some time, so i think its pretty decent. All of this is in one-two shots, i separated the video into sections to avoid the extra time spent in the slow motion. Hope you guys at theory11 and people on the forums enjoy this video!

    -Casey Rudd
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    Here's my entry. 2 hours of work and I barely have anything good to show. Also it's hard to see the cards! Well, here's what I've got.

    It may be processing so the quality will be bad. :D

    With a special guest!

    Also while I was throwing cards at the couch, I was on an exercise bike.
  17. Here is my entry. Took me a while but it was really fun. This shows my strength. I dare anyone to try it.:) My arm hurts now :) You will notice how happy I am on my last throw ;) (I did it on my first throw for the last one)

    Give it a little time to process.
    I am proud of this video. Hope I win.

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