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  1. Hey guys I just have to say that theory11s shipping is pretty bad (price wise). I magine ordering a deck of cards for 4.95 well the shipping will cost 7.95 or so.

    I mean that is the cheapest option. I want so much things from theory11 but the shipping is just to bad. I havent ordered form theory11 in about 2 years all because of the dear shipping. I would like to buy Stingers, Propaganda, Centurians, Panic, believe, thread and more BUT THE SHIPPING.

    I was considering getting six stingers and six propaganda and it cost around 55$ (which is reasonable) however the CHEAPEST shipping is around half of that.

    I dont mean to be crazy about it trust me but I think that Theory11 should have a cheaper shipping like Penguin (just an example). It can take long but at least it would be cheap. What do you guys think?

    Thanks or letting me speak I just want some of the products from T11 but cant get them with the shipping.
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  2. Just to chime in - our shipping rates are always in a constant state of evolution (as is most everything on the site as we continue to grow and improve). We are constantly reviewing our shipping rates to try and keep them as competitive and affordable as we can.

    That said, other companies may offer more economical shipping costs - but don't think for a moment that those costs don't get reciprocated in other places (i.e., charging $7.95 for custom decks when all of ours are HALF of that).

    NOTE: I just looked into this further - and it appears you are offered three separate shipping options on a package containing six decks of Stingers and six decks of Propaganda's. Our rates to Ireland on an order of this size are as follows:

    First-Class International : $26.52 // Priority Mail International : $35.00 // Express Mail International : $47.50

    The U.S. Postal Service site matches those rates spot on (as the rates, for the most part, pull directly from their servers).

    Hope this clears things up!
  3. Absolutely correct. Other sites may reduce their shipping charges (even lower than what the actual shipping charges are) but gouge you on the actual product. You think you're getting a deal because of cheap shipping but in actuality they're charging you 50%-100% more for the actual product, so in the end you lose.

    Theory11 is up front with the actual cost of shipping. Shipping is just a neccessary evil (or blessing.... think about it. 100 years ago, we didn't have nearly any of the conveniences we have today.)
  4. Well I could get 12 decks from penguin to Ireland and the decks would be the average price (if not cheaper) than usual and the shipping would be about $14. How can they afford to do that?
  5. Which deck would you happen to be referring to? Just curious, as we currently sell standard Bicycle's (as an example) for $1.89 - at Penguin they're $3.00 per deck - our price is 37% less. Just an observation. ;)

    Let me know and we can chat it up from there.
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  6. Well I was refering to their guardians deck (they are out of stock now but thats not the point). They are even cheaper than theory11.
  7. They also have Split Spades for like... 5.62 a deck. Not ANYTHING at all against Theory11 (I still buy from here a TON) but just saying.
  8. Penguin has always been the leader in low prices. It's unfair to compare theory11 to Penguin a company who I assume is much larger and definitely has more years in the game that would allow them to offer lower shipping prices and some also offer lower prices on the product too. Some people are strictly price shoppers and they will only shop at the place with the lowest prices others shop based on their loyalty. I know some buy here because they want to support this awesome forum which isn't free. At the end of the day my stance is that Theory doesn't need to justify any of their prices to us we don't know what kind of overhead they are working with.
  9. I just wish that their was a cheap shipping that could take a while to get to me as it is still cheap.
  10. I purchase where I can get the cheapest price after shipping is included. It doesn't matter whose product is cheaper before shipping, what matters is the bottom line price. Maybe this is why I shop at penguin.
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  11. I am sorry but I have been purchased products from many site and theory11 has worst shipping prices .... The exception is on Christmas lmao 1$ :cool:. I thought you guys should have worked on that for a long time.
    Hope better things come. Shipping + 1on1(I miss Aaron :() ftw! Love you guys though :p
  12. I agree I hope the shipping does change.
  13. Jon, any chance of making an option for Envelopes? Like the ones that hold 14 decks and people on eBay use?

  14. We actually had a chat to J.Bayme when Chris was down about an option for Envelopes/Cheap Packaging, and he was going to look into it.

    Not sure what else was done after that, as to be honest I completely forgot about it. Havnt bothered to purchase anything from Theory11 that requires shipping since, its just way to expensive.
  15. I agree it is expensive but they do great magic. I have bought so many magic Items from Ellusionist and theory11 would have a lot of products sold to me if it were not for the shipping. :(
  16. Yup, I wish T11 provide the USPS flat rate envelopes (fit 14 decks) for $14 max or flat rate box (fit 60-72 decks) for $40

    that's a standart prices from USPS
  17. My only two cents is that a company I buy magic from that carries T11 products not only ships for less and quicker when they are located in Cali. and yet I am two states away from T11 and it costs more and takes longer.

    That doesn't make any sense to me sorry.
  18. T11 has to do something, it is dissapointing to not get any of their stuff.
  19. Also, you can fit 8 decks safely in a small flat-rate shipping box.
    $4.95 domestic, around $12.95 international (depends on the country).
  20. In the same boat as everyone else, I would order much much more if shipping wasn't so ridiculous. It's not JUST Theory 11 either, a lot of places are crappy...T11 is just the worst:)
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