theory11 t-shirt review: Monarch and Rebel shirts

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by ArmanMagic, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Hello guys, today I thought I could do a comparsion/review of the Monarch and rebel t shirts. First lets start off with tr monarch shirt

    Monarch: this shirt is truly amazing. The quality of it is top notch and the gold foiling on the shirt is so cool. This shirt is literally the softest t-shirt I've ever own. It's so comfortable. It's definitely something you should purchase if you have a monarch deck to go with the shirt and want to show that you're a magician.

    Rebel: Now this shirt I was kinda disappointed about. It said on the archive that it would be 100% Pima cotton like the monarch shirt but they don't feel the same. The rebel shirt is just a little bit thicker and has no gold foiling. Also it was a little bit bigger than the monarch shirt I receive even though its a small. Of course I only got this shirt today and haven't washe it so it might get smaller and softer after I wash it.

    Overall these are great shirts by theory11 but the two shirts that you should definitely consider getting.
  2. Thanks, Arman! Yep, the Rebel shirt actually isn't Pima Cotton - that was a mistake on the page in The Archive that we corrected shortly after it was posted. Honestly, we would have LOVED to print that shirt on the same Pima Cotton of the Monarch and Artisan Shirts, but that fabric wasn't available in the color red. So we used the next best thing from the same manufacturer - still super soft and very durable.
  3. I wish my house was made out of Pima Cotton...
  4. Arman is very picky about his fashion!
  5. I never said the shirts were bad! I just wanted to say that they feel different from one another.
  6. I must pick up a couple of these shirts, they look great. I've still got an original Theory11 shirt from when the site first launched. OLD SKOOL! ><
  7. i have not tried the merchandise yet .. but going to give it a try soon as was not aware with it before but now is
  8. I just got the monarch shirt and it is way softer than I expected :)
  9. The Monarch and Artisan shirts are the softest of soft that exists. Glad to hear you're enjoying them, Arman!
  10. Hi,How are you going to know your size in the monarch shirt? or you just guessed it?

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