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  1. I wanna know which one of the two produces the best decks for cardistry, its just that there is a lot to choose from. I have my sights set on the Monarchs but are those good for cardstry. And on a side note how good is the NPH playing cards by Theory11?
  2. At this point, I think it's pretty safe to say that all custom cards nowadays will be fine for Cardistry.

    I mean, if Cardistry was born out of a regular deck of cards like Bikes, then nowadays all custom decks are far and beyond above the quality of a regular deck of Bikes or Tallys.

    So I guess it all just comes down to preference in design. Although I know that Ellusionist cards used to be on a very thick stock, but nowadays they've moved over to Cartamundi, I'm not so sure.
    I do like the softer stock of the Theory 11 decks though (the newer ones atleast). Also, big fan of the Red Monarchs. Had some greens recently that didn't hold up too well and felt super stiff, but that's a very odd occasion that that has happened.
  3. Most of these design houses use USPCC for printing, so ... for the most part the ONLY thing that makes one deck different from another is the pattern on the back and front.

    So always buys cards YOU like.

    Second, t11 and ellusionist primarily design decks for Magicians and if you really want cardistry designed decks, then you need to look at smaller designers like GEMINI DECKS and the VIRTS
  4. I'm pretty sure the stock/finish/cut of all Theory11 decks are the same. So it really comes down to whatever designs you like. The Monarchs are one of my favorite decks ever but I'll also say that the NPH deck carries some interesting secrets. If you like puzzles, you'll like the deck. However, I do think their decks are more geared toward magicians than cardists.
    Ellusionists decks are also directed toward magicians as well but a lot of them would look good in cardistry.
    I'm not into cardistry so I'm sort of under the impression that cardistry decks were usually more brightly colored, minimalist, and tend to be borderless. That's just me though. Like Magic Orthodoxy said, it's really up to you.

    Even though I don't do cardistry, I l0ve the designs of some more cardistry centered decks. Here are a few I like from outside T11 and E:
    The Virts are classic:
    Dan and Dave have some good ones:
    NOCs are great for cardistry and magic imo:
    The Orbit decks are great too. Their site doesn't have them anymore but I think Ellusionist still has some stock of them:
    Cartamundi recently produced a deck for Cardists:

    Once again, most of these decks are printed by the USPCC so the difference in feeling between them will be minimal. It all comes down to whatever deck designs you like. If you like the Monarch or NPH deck designs, go for it! You do you man :)
  5. i understand!!!
  6. Tbh in you're getting started then it really doesn't matter. Save your money and use the normal bike decks. But in general, when it comes to cardistry, any deck would do really, it's more about the design and how the colours look during flourishing. So cardistry touch is a very beautiful deck my opinion and it's probably my favourite cardistry deck. Monarchs are great for both magic and cardistry so are all E decks. In the end, it's all a matter of opinion I think.

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