Theory12's new DVD (parody)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlfieWhattamMagic, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. As you say that the spactator can name any card, i was like: no way^^

    But really nice idea, I like it.

    Somebody should really creat a trick with this effect. :)
  2. Theory12? Really? Wow... there's originality for you. -1
  3. I think he chose that name on purpose. I don't think he actually took time to think of that name... granted he actually took time to create that video. Haha.
  4. Well I bet those people certainly had a better viewpoint of magic after being shown this...
  5. i liked it. very original name for a trick, lots of time put into that, lots of good magical moments. and i love how the card changed into tobacco. thats something i would pick up. I think you should make a dvd like that. and actually sell it. but only to like 100 people
    then it would be a collectors item.
    or maybe get famous first then do that.
  6. nice idea but come on theory 12????? you could of come up with a better name then

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