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  1. SAW, Self Tying Shoelace, Maynia (Popfist, Drawn from the Light in particular), Ghost Vision.

    Do the gimmicks of these tricks come with the order or can you make/reconstruct your own out of easily acquired items once you watch the DVD's? I don't always like to deal with specially made gimmicks that, once it wears out, you have to place another order to replace it. That's also part of the reason why I'm a little reluctant to get effects that I think uses gimmicks.

    Those tricks are the ones that I've been exploring recently and i may ask about others. Any feedback? :D
  2. SAW can be easily done at home. It doesn't really cost a lot so it's reletively easy to find and then follow the steps in the DVD. I'm not sure about the others since I don't have those effects.
  3. i don't think you can make ghost vision but the self tying sholace is easy one trip to wally world and you got all you need but it is kind of knacky to make
  4. The gimmick comes with STS.
  5. well, saw is definetely very easy to make, the self tying shoelace requires a tiny little bit more work, but it's not that hard either, as for ghost vision, you can definetely make it yourself (although someone before me said you can't), in fact it's not hard to make at all, only thing is you might have to make a couple to try making it in slightly different ways, which sounds confusing but since i can't reveal it of course that's the best i can do.
    anyway, the point is you can make all those gimmicks yourself very easily once you know how.
  6. saw is a gimmick you "make" at home, its a great trick, i highly recommend it
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    Yea, I am aware that the gimmicks for some of those effects come with the DVD but my problem is, I don't like having to buy another gimmick once the original wears out, more so if they're specially made or manufactured. I would like to be able to reconstruct my own using ordinary materials once I watch the DVD, but I am willing to purchase necessary materials.

    Anyway just to clarify about Ghost Vision, Yes or No? And doesn't anyone here own Maynia? I really like Mayne's Drawn from the Light.

    PS: Add to my original question, Extreme Burn. Although I think it's unlikely I'll be able to make its gimmick but of course, I can't be sure :D
  8. Yes You Can Make All Of Those Gimmicks
  9. Not that I don't believe jaydinho, but are you absolutely sure? :confused:
    I can make all those gimmicks myself after watching the DVD's? I highly doubt that I can make a lightbulb that lights up by itself, as in Drawn from the Light, so I'm not sure.
  10. You can technacally make the light bulb, but you can buy them from most magic and trick stores.

  11. I made the ghost vision gimmick
  12. I'm similar... I bought the Army of 52 and only use the Shattered Ace of Hearts regularly.

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