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  1. So last night I entered the SNC. You can watch the video here. Anyways, I showed the video to some friends and very few thought of the number seven. Recently, I realized that when you want someone to think of a number between 1-10, they won't think of 7. Usually it's a three or a five. Just a little something I noticed. :)
  2. That is with your friends yes? Try it one a stranger, or someone that knows you don't perform magic etc. When they don't take the time to think about it, the most common number is 7. At least, that is the case with me :p
  3. pretty sure between 1-10 7 is statistically the most picked for "randomness" because of its uncommon properties(like it being prime). But some people realize that and try something else.
  4. I am in agreement with Robert on this one. Most of the time when I have spectators pick a number between 1-10 I would say that 50 percent of them DO pick 7. Not that it matters because I always allow them to win no matter what number they pick...ha ha. It is about making them feel special.
  5. Libertad de expresión - Dani DaOrtiz
    One of the books that help you with all of this, is a very dificult book but it is awesome (one of the reasons you guys should learn spanish)
  6. I like to agree that the number 7 is most commonly thought of, even in the media. There was an episode on garfield and friends a while back about how Wade the duck gets swindled out of his money by Roy the rooster. The reason Wade lost his money was due to the fact he made a bet with Roy on whether or not Roy could say the number Wade was thinking of. Wade was thinking of the number 7 so Roy got the money. This went on for another 3 times with each time Wade thinking of the number 7 and Roy earning about $5 each time.
  7. There is a lot of good thinking on this psych force.

    Banachek has some very interesting thoughts on this something that I have added to my demonstration.

    I have my own methods for the 1-10 force.
  8. If your getting 3/5 your not doing it right.

  9. Most people think of 7 first. However, a lot is to do with how you ask for the number. If you give them time or motivation to change their mind, if you make them approach it as a challenge, for example, they're likely to go for a different number. If your participant really gets the impression that the choice doesn't matter, and they're persuaded to choose quickly, then the odds are massively in your favour that they'll choose 7.
  10. U do know you can force them to choose an "8" and it still be impressive right??? With the right patter, force the number 8 and it will make you seem psychic!!!
  11. Here's something I learned from wayne houchin, its not a way of forcing a number but just a cool little psychology trick. When asking your spectator to think of a number, using the tip of your finger (without drawing any attention to it, using just casual motions as someone who talks a lot with their hands do) draw out the number 7, again its not a forcing method but its an interesting "experiment" to try and see how many people pick the 7 or whichever number you "draw" out.
  12. Yeah I learned that on Stigmata. It hardly works for me, even with people I don't know. They will usually say 3 or 5.
  13. To force an 8, ask them to think if they can count from 1-10. Then say, "think of all the numbers one b one from a 1 to a 2, a 3 all the way to 10". Tell them, "if I was to ask you to think of any number it would be (an)......Don't say it, just think of it".

    The reason this works is because the word "an" is only used with the number 8.


    a 1, a 2, a 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, a 7, "an" 8, a 9 , a 10.

    the only downside to this is the fact that the person must be able to speak grammatically correct. If not, then you're screwed. IT will not work on children. Mainly good speaking adults, and some teens.
  14. Cedric that is a published method, I would not be describing it in an open forum.

    Especially as the creator is still selling it and it is one of their best selling piece.
  15. actually its an old psychology cohersion principle. so yes its publihed but a well known secret!!!
  16. I have never seen that published before Cedric. Not to mention that you talk about correct grammer, however in you scripting there is a major grammermatical error.

    The only thing mention I have seen was in a persons published work.
  17. As far as I know, that technique is a classic one, and I don't think anyone with a current published work can lay claim to it.

    Oh, and it's "grammar" and "grammatical". Sorry, I'm a pedant for that kind of thing. Don't mean to be patronising!
  18. Yeah, I'm not being grammatically correct. Not at all. I was just being an example for the poster. He doesn't have to use my script, he can word it like he wants to. I was showing him the principle to use! As long as the person the performer is talking to uses correct english, this will go as planned.

    Yes, it is a published work, but its built on a principle psychics, magicians, and even polices use as a to cohere answers!!! Simple my friend...

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