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  1. This mentalism trick has been done numerous times. Most notably on tv... Blaine, Angel, Dynamo, etc...
    I've searched Corinda, Banachek, Darren Brown...
    I can't seem to find it...anywhere. Maybe I'm blind, a little slow and missed it or don't know what exactly I'm looking for. Or perhaps I'm once again believing what I see on video is 'real'.
    The effect... in short, you name a family member or close friend the spectator is thinking of.
    If anyone knows of the print if any or validity of this effect please let me know. Thank you.

  2. So, I've seen this done a bunch. It's a mentalism go to especially on talk shows. The method is in Corrinda but it doesn't give you the whole picture. Peter Turner touches on the ploy that I believe is used most to accomplish this in his phone number/pin reveal on his first Penguin Lecture. Luke Jermay also touches on this in his DVD Premise and Premonition on his drawing duplication.

    After you watch many of these performances you see the participants start to give away the method. I think the most obvious nod towards the method that I have seen was a mentalist performing for Larry King. I think it was Frederic Da Silva but I could be mistaken. A big part of the trick starts to fall apart because of a misunderstanding. I think that's all you need to know to find the method. I'd rather not find the video for exposure's sake but I'm confident that the method he's using is the same or similar to the performances you mention.
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