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    Hey guys I watched this yesterday and I come to ask if someone knows where I can learn that(or something similar) and the flourish name. Any ideas?

    The start looks like the one hand shuffle first steps but can't do the rest.


    Thank you!
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  2. Waterwheel by The Virts. No tutorial available until now.
    You have another choice is to buy Ripple by Kenneth on It's a variation of Waterwheel
  3. Thank you! Well maybe I cant learn the Waterwheel but at least I know it name...
    Maybe I will buy the Ripple, looks so good :)
  4. I searched for this flourish's tutorial for weeks but found nothing.
  5. Yeah...well if someone found it please post it here :)
  6. You should try the anaconda by bone ho before trying the waterwheel... I couldn't do the waterwheel until i learned the anaconda.

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