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  1. So last night i was in a talent show at church and got 3rd place and one of the judges KNOWS Tom Isaacson and called him and told him about me and hes trying to get him to come to his birthday party this is so cool just the idea of seeing Tom Isaacson with my own eyes and if youre reading this Tom, i'm Aaron Williams who Aaron Rice told you about
  2. Oh sheesh ya'll, Twas a dream.
  3. was it really?
  4. Nay.

    But the prospect of meeting tom is pretty exciting.
  5. Your acting like you going to be meeting David copperfeild sheesh it's just Tom.
  6. You've obviously never heard of jake and amir.
    Or are you talking to the OP?
  7. aaaaaah you were supposed to say "nay it actually happened and it caused me a lot of greif and money" then i would say "are you okay" then you would say "just a little queezy i should take it easy" and then i say "STOP. Do you need to go home?" and then you say "yea probably i still feel a little poisened you know" and then some guy off screen goes "hooo!"
  8. Ha nice - Oh Amir
  9. what?!!! are you high or something?

    btw...Tom is one of my favorite artists...I prefer to use prophet than extreme burn, I like the change a lot more and his was the first bill change I learned
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    That's really cool, you seem even more excited than I was when I Wayne Houchin.

    When I first saw that, I thought you were talking about Tom Petty for some reason. :)
  11. Congrats dude. If you end up meeting him, let us know how it goes.
  12. But seriously,he has a great oppurtunity to watch a real proffesional at work.
    He can watch all the nuances of his performance and learn from it. See how he deals with possible hecklers,how he handles the crowd,etc.
  13. I LOVE tom petty. Just thought i'd let you know that ;)
  14. Did nobody else laugh out loud at Wayne Houchin now being a verb?

    you Wayne Houchin
    I Wayne Houchin
    We Wayne Houchin?


  15. I Wayne Houchined to the bathroom the other night because I must have had something to eat that made my stomach Wayne Houchin :(

  16. I agree completely :)
  17. lol. everyone wayne houchins that they're not as great as other people make them out to be.

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