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  1. I am introducing myself here, coming back and letting people know I am working on some new material.

    Head on over to and see the world's fastest perfect shuffle (The Tudor Shuffle 3). If you think you have the fastest perfect shuffle that can beat mine, I will post it on my website. All I hear from you little monsters is talking $%^ and no results.
  2. I freaking love you.

    You coming back is a early Christmas present to me.
  3. Well, head on over to my site. Keep tabs on my new release coming out soon. Doing this out of pocket this time. So much more rewarding.
  4. How lovely, first act back is a jab and foul language.
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    Then you know nothing about Brian Tudor.
  6. oh i know more than i'd care too, believe me.
  7. So whats the story about this tudor guy? Did he steal some tricks from you or something? When I hear a comment like I know more than I'd like it always make me think there is some bad blood. If you don't want to discuss it that's cool too but if it's something you want to get out there this may be a good opportunity.
  8. I would assume it's because Tudor has a reputation of being an egotistical jerk. But I don't know for sure.
  9. Tudor's style is unconventional, but I second Dalton, Tudor is "HIGHLY" Skilled, really, sort of an inspiration to me regarding cards, and his philosophy is quite interesting ...
  10. So if whats with all this hating going on? Is he just that good?
  11. I don't hate him. I don't even know him. I've seen him in videos and he seems very arrogant in them. People have told me that he's rude. Considering the first post in this thread, I'm inclined to believe them.
  12. No. He really isn't. He put out a couple of DVDs that people liked, but once you get past the pure speed there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on. Because speed is really all he has. His routining is choppy, his presentation can be summed up as, "Bet you can't do this," and he's spent most of the last few years attempting to coast off of his breakout DVD. This wouldn't be all that bothersome as washed up hacks are a dime a dozen anyway, but the trouble is that he also has a reputation for being arrogant, belligerent, and hostile.

    Full disclosure, I've never met the man so I can't say how accurate this reputation is, but based on what I've seen of him and how he seems to have no problem allowing a recording of himself, obviously drunk and ranting, to appear on a professional DVD, I'm not sure I want to meet him. I also owe him a middle finger for releasing Heckler on DVD.
  13. Didn't you think that ranting was obviously a joke? It just seems unfeasible that someone would maintain that level of genuine aggression amidst the to and fro of a DVD shoot. Whether you think it succeeded or failed as a performance choice, it's one that has a fairly illustrious heritage, going, as it does, through the lineage of guys like Sadowitz, Stanhope, Hicks, Kinison and Bruce. Personally, I thought it was funny and made a refreshing change from the rent-a-personalities we often see masquerading as performers. On the basis of that, I would want to meet him.
  14. Unfeasible? You've clearly never talked to someone with an irrational dislike of a group of people. I've seen it multiple times.
  15. No. Because I don't think Tudor is that good of an actor.

    You obviously haven't met some of the people I know. There are certain personality types out there who are like a Hawaiian volcano: they will go into a slow burn for weeks, if not months, at a time, oozing rage and hatred all along and spreading destruction and misery everywhere they go.
  16. Although Brian Tudor has one of the worst attitudes in the business, I don't think anyone denies the contributions that he's made. Isn't he responsible for all of the one handed revolution cuts? He also made one of the first major Sybil variations. I doubt that there would have been a Dan and Dave without a Brian Tudor. As arrogant and obnoxious a man he is, I could never deny his contribution.
  17. No one denies that. Harry Lorayne seems kind of like a sleazy salesman but he's made incredible contributions to the art. Tudor might be a jerk but he's put out some incredible things and I respect him for that.
  18. Stfu

    All you motherf&$@ers should shut the @#& up. If it wasn't for Tudor all you faggots would have been jerking instead of practicing card flourishes. You are talking f%#ing nonsense for a guy who created a new art form and laid down more than just the foundation of card manipulations. This guy speaks 100% truth and yes, the truth is arrogant so what are you gonna do?

    Go ahead and watch the ending of the Showoff 3 DVD. He explains almost everything there.


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