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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChrisKenner, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I LOVE theory11 more than anything. I love what it stands for and the products that it produces and most of all I love that we have less of a barrier between our team and our members than any site - but we emphasize that intentionally to make it clear to our to you guys that all of us are only human.

    It's important to remember that there's someone reading what you write on the other end of the line. It's very easy to assume your words have no consequence once you hit the SUBMIT button, but in truth what you say - and how you say it - can be the difference between inspiring someone or making them feel two inches tall.

    This doesn't mean you shouldn't express your opinions. I certainly do. But when you talk, don't forget that there's someone listening. If you don't use your real name on a forum, Facebook, or Twitter and post without the consequences of anyone knowing who you are: READ THIS I would like to thank my dear friend Chase Goforth for sending me this link.
  2. thank you Mr. Kenner for this post. It's very interesting. Certainly a good read, and one that should be stickied.
  3. Couldn't have said it better. I do a whole lot more reading on these forums than posting. Thanks for posting Chris.

    EDIT: Just finished the article, very good. Thanks for the link.
  4. Thats funny you posted this. I read it earlier today and laughed. Very good read and very interesting.
  5. This is a great read and an important lesson for all. I remember when I was young and posting on forums - listening and learning - there was one reason why I was so careful in what I posted and how I posted it. One reason: because I was posting under my own name. That isn't to say that everyone should, or everyone has to. But it does matter. It mattered to me because I've only got one name, and I knew that if I posted something out of fleeting emotion, or something unprofessional, or something disrespectful, it would make ME look bad.

    My conclusion from this isn't that everyone should post under their complete first and last name. Not everyone wants to, and I respect that. But in the very least, understand that others will judge you based on what you say and how you say it. And accordingly, you'll affect others with every word you say. When offering constructive criticism, would you rather motivate someone to improve - or tear them down without purpose in simply saying "you suck"? With a positive outlook and spirit of community, the world (and the magic world) would be a much better place.
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  6. Agree completely Chris. Thank you for posting this! Reminds me of a lot of internet bullying going on these days. People who talk smack to others on the internet are most likely self conscious about themselves and is a way to vent their anger. It probably isn't intentional, but when they aren't thinking they always do stupid things. This is why when people talk down to me I just laugh. Laugh in their faces.

    JB couldn't have said it better as well. Agree 100%
  7. Chris, this is why you should post more!

    Your pal,

    Jamie D. Grant
  8. I agree completely. And I agree with Jamie, Chris you should post more!

    Unfortunately, this forum bashing and hate has a lot deeper cause than it might seem at first. Also, I think that people apologize when they get called on the phone by the people they bashed, because they get scared and they didn't think that they could be found. It's more of an act of defensive mechanism than the act of politeness.
    People are more careful on Facebook and Twitter than on an online forum (ie. T11), because more people know them on FB then on T11 (let's compare those two). Even if you did post on T11 with your full name, it wouldn't matter if you say something bad, no one knows you anyways, and they probably live half way across the world anyway.
    So to sum up, I agree with JB as well.
  9. Very good article, I agree with it. Thank you Chris. For some reason being anonymous makes poeple behave really badly, quiet often. And they forget that in reality, they are never anonymous, as well as there are real human being on the other site.
  10. While I do agree with what is said. You can read at this that Chris thinks some of the stuff on here is crap, but has the politeness not to comment. Not saying thats true. But it is a possible way of interpreting what was said.

  11. I would like to make two points.

    My first online interactions were in the mid 1980s, using a Commodore 64 and Quantum Link. It hasn't gotten worse. Much of it has even been cleaned up. And on that point, that Walsh guy from America's Most Wanted helped get a bill pushed through congress that makes masking a pornographic link a federal crime. The reporter can press charges. (We used to call it trolling in my day.)

    Likewise, please understand that using your real name is no license to act any worse. I am not going to use this as a forum to air my own grievances, but I can not stress that enough. Using your real name is no license to act any worse.
  12. More famous = less personal opinion. The internet can be a dangerous place for people with a reputation to maintain. I understand why someone like Chris doesn't want to post too much on a magic forum.
  13. Trolls are the cause of all problems, just like Michael Jackson! /snark

    Great read. Read it before when I did a paper on the differences between internet bullying and trolling.
  14. Very true chris. Love the article.

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