This Really Will Be Revolutionary For Magic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Hill, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Every trick already available completely baffled me. If I had enough money, I would have ordered all of them. I just want to thank all of you T11 guys for setting all of this up. It certainly seems like it'll be better than... other sites... around the internet. I can't wait to see how much T11 grows from this amazing start!
  2. yeah same here i was floored by every trick i saw, im ordering dissolve and i cant wait.
  3. Ya, I can't wait to see this site at its top notch.
  4. No kidding!

    I'm going to order Distortion (if they still have any) Panic and a few Guardian Decks as soon as I can! I tried to order before, but the checkout wasn't working.
  5. I'm ordering a guardian deck, just to try it out...looks like I'll have to save up for a DVD, though.

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