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  1. Thoughts as they occur to me.

    0:07 - Points off already. I couldn't see your face and that font was ugly.
    0:09 - I really hope the music gets better.
    0:12 - Why did that camera go out of focus? Did you leave autofocus on?
    0:26 - It all looks pretty smooth, but you linger too long before the cuts and that breaks up the flow. Also, find a better transition than a 2-second black slug.
    0:34 - The camera is at the wrong angle to showcase those moves. They're good moves, but with a stationary camera pointed at your ribs, we can't get a good view of them. And now I know you left autofocus on.
    0:42 - I would have just left that out. I know you probably left it in as a joke, but it's kind of flat and breaks up the flow.
    0:47 - Again, bad camera angle for showing that transfer.

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