Thought I got one of the phones...

Well, when pressure came out, I got the download, and teh DVD.
The bext day, I ordered
-Split spades
And today I went to check the mail, and I seen the envelope (That I knew had pressure in it) But I forgot about I ordered some cards, and I seen a box, I screamed lol.
I ran inside and riped it open, to find me cards, I fell dumb.
Also I seen the back of the slip spades, and I thought they were the white centurions and they messed up or something lol.
Gosh theory11 you triced me twice in a row!
Has this happened to anyone yet?
Yeah lol.
Its was crazy, I screamed when I seen the box, and my mom was like "Whats wrong?!?" Then I riped it open, and it was my cards, then I seen the split spades, and I screamed thinking they were white centurions or however you spell it, and she was like "Whats wrong now?!" And I was like
"Hmm, nothing" lol
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