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  1. Hi all, I'm new here, thought i'd share this new video i came across on youtube to this thread. I thought it was pretty cool, just wanted to see other peoples thoughts on it, pretty mysterious..

  2. What about it, to you, is mysterious?

    I'll be honest - this looks like someone stumbled across a bunch of video effect tutorials and wanted to use them all in one go.
  3. Haha I suppose you're right Christopher, just thought it was an unusual clip. I could see she's new to youtube, thought i'd just give it a share you know?. no harm done. cheers.
  4. Okay, you'll have to excuse me for being blunt here but...
    I'd have to wonder how you came across this, considering it was published 4 days ago, the title is so highly specified that you'd have to almost be searching for it specifically to even find it. That being said, I'm not sure I'm ready to fully jump in head first to the "this is just some random video I found." It's not too awfully frowned upon to share yours or your friend's work here. A simple "This is a video my friend made/I made for my friend, can you provide feedback?" is sufficient and welcomed.

    Now on to what I think about the video...

    First and foremost, tell your friend to keep doing magic. The little bit that I saw (and I mean very little) in the video may have been cool. The problem is, I don't know that because there are so many video effects that it; 1. Gave me a headache to even try to watch it. 2. distracted from any magic that may have been happening and 3. because of 1 and did not lure me in to watching any video that may follow it. Considering it's an intro...that's important.

    An intro is not the same as a trailer. The effects overused here are more suited for a trailer and there are far too many effects. An intro can use some effects but the entire intro should not be the length of a trailer/commercial.

    Lastly, it doesn't look all that mysterious to me either. It looks like random, unrelated clips thrown together and then After Effects puked on it, to cover up shoddy cinematography.
  5. Fair play Disaster Theory, My apologies. You are correct in your assumption. It is a video I worked to put together for a friend and as per your comments i feel i have done her a major injustice. I may have taken the wrong approach to attract attention to the video, I'm sorry for that and have failed quite miserably to come across as just an on looker haha.. I appreciate your judgement on the video, and take into account not to overkill on video effects next time. I will pass on your kind regards to her to keep up her magic and will hopefully post better videos in future. Thank you
  6. That is actually why I was so blunt with you.

    Video production is part of my job. If you need help/advice, let me know. My goal is not to discourage you. My first goal is to get you to curb the feeling that you need to give the impression that you did with the video. We are welcoming here and just being honest goes a lot further.

    That being out of the way, like I said, if you need advice or help (friendly), just let me know in a private message, etc.
  7. Yeah that's okay, I deserved that to be honest.

    And that is really good to know thank you. As you can probably tell i am also new to video production and i'm just going self taught. My closer area of work is actually in 3D Animation. It is good to know i can ask you for some advice in future, thank you, I'm sure i'll inbox you before i submit our next video for sure anyway haha
  8. Yes, please.

    We all kind of suck when we're learning. That's part of the process. When I started doing my own image manipulation for advertising/logo creation/etc. I had a friend who's better at it look at what I'd done. He tore it to pieces, but had very helpful advice for how to fix it. I learned rapidly because I was able to set aside my ego and ask people to tell me what sucked.

    So if you have someone like DisasterTheory here to help you, don't ignore that opportunity. Having someone who's already good at what you want to do, and is willing to advise, is gold. It's the fastest way to learn a new skill.
  9. Exactly. This is a big thing for me. In the industry of design, video production and best serve yourself to have thick skin. Society can destroy you otherwise. Any time I ask for feedback on something, I want people's honest opinion, even if they think it will sting. It never does. That's how we all get better. If no one ever tore us apart with feedback, we'd be blissfully ignorant to the areas we could approve upon. Like you said, no one is "the best" right out of the gate. It took me a very long time to get even half good at design and at video production and that all came from listening to people tell me how much I sucked at the beginning lol. It also came out of necessity (we tend to become a jack of all trades when we own our own companies).

    I'm usually more polite when it comes to things like this, but I already picked up on what was happening here right from the beginning. The truth is, we all help each other. We don't always agree, but we are always here to help one another. It doesn't matter what profession you're in or what type of magic you're doing or even what your role in magic is (even if it's producing video for magicians), we are very welcoming to pretty much every contribution to the art, just be up front. Kudos for being ultimately being honest about it. Sometimes people have trouble even doing that.

    In any case, I've included the most recent video I did (shot and edited) for my brand's Gotham Knight skateboard release. There are effects, but not over done. In fact most of the effects are there to change the appearance of Pittsburgh to look like Gotham. The rest are hologram effects, etc. There is a lot of timing involved to build drama in correspondence with the score and action, as well as color corrections to set the mood.

    Your effects weren't horrible. There was too much of it. It needs to be broken up a bit with clear footage of her doing magic. Perhaps of her performing magic for people and their reactions, etc. Then end it with a logo introducing her, the channel, or the video, etc.
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  10. Yes I agree, I'm all for constructive criticism on my part, I don't know why I thought it was best to play anonymous trying to broadcast it for her. I think what I had in mind at the time was that she doesn't want her identity to be revealed, and I kinda played on that abit.. But bit silly really as it makes no difference the way it is now being truthful about it.

    Your video is fantastic, I really do think that's puts together nicely, it's very good. And I will definitely take your advice onboard, it's funny how you see your own work differently after you've listened to opinions from people, and I do feel motivated to better it next time. I appreciate both yours and Christopher's time to view and review the video. In fairness this video was probably abit rushed, we only spent a week putting it together in between our jobs, she's just very eager to create content for a YouTube channel. Our next video should be an improvement, and if you don't mind reviewing our next one soon, that'd be really fantastic. Thank you
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  11. No one here will mind giving you reviews on magic videos, and I certainly don't mind critiquing videos in general.

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