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    I was given a draft copy of this effect by Greg on the promise of a review, whilst it was given for free I am not going to factor that into the review of this effect. Firstly it is a fairly short booklet (although nothing is left out) that describes the effects plus a few additional ideas. For someone who knows about the why this effect works the explanation that was given was more than enough. However, this effect is not really a good starting point due to the multiple layers of deception at work.

    This is quiet a hard effect to review as I am quite indifferent on it as a whole. There are so many brilliant ideas that I can instantly see the value of. But on the other side of the coin there are a few ideas that I do not agree with. I will explain what I do and don't like about the effect.

    The selection process of this effect has been done before although this version is much simpler and results less in the performers ability to perform the essential mechanics of the effect. Without giving anything away to either this method or the one that came before it (which Greg credits). I personally like this as it streamlines the handling.

    The marking/identification system is head and shoulders above everything else in this effect. I love how with a little bit of verbal ambiguity you can make this effect so much more personal and powerful with no real work required. I have added this idea to my thought of card to wallet and will never be without it again.

    Something I am a little on the fence about is the whole premise of the effect and that the ACAAN plot in this case does not really add anything to the effect on the whole. I mean this in the nicest possible way but by adding the ACAAN to the thought of card in wallet plot, you are combining two very powerful effects but at the same time canceling each of them out. This is especially true when you see the method for the effect. I personally feel that the only people who would be genuinely impressed with the ACAAN kicker would see through the method that is used derive it.

    The only other thing I have a slight problem with is the statement that everything can be examined. Whilst it is true I also feels that it adds nothing to the effect. When you read the effect you will understand what I am talking about. You are creating a hurdle that would be great for magicians however for the lay public, nobody is going to examine your wallet especially if it has things in it, because it is a very personal thing. Nobody in their right mind expects to examine someones wallet after a performance of card to wallet anyway, it is a huge invasion of privacy.

    Whilst the two 'negative' points I mentioned are merely opinion I feel that they suffer from what Richard Osterlind would refer to as magician thinking. Whilst they add something on paper the method becomes more tedious and the work that is required to achieve them does not pay off in the real world. However the positive aspects of this effect is where Greg's thinking shines.

    On the whole there are is some good and some bad pieces on this effect. I do however recommend getting the booklet just for the card marking alone because it is worth that amount. With a little more work on refining the routine this would be a real killer performance piece.

    As a special bonus if it is ok with Greg I will be happy to share my own thinking on how to routine it better.

    and a Quote for the add copy.

    Greg's card identification system is in a league of its own, he understands by adding nothing in the eyes of the performer, the value to the spectator can increase tenfold.

    David Rhodes
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    First--David thank you for your review. I appreciate your honest assessment of this effect. Quite a few people asked for a review of an independent person and many suggested David---therefore, I asked David for a review and he was happy to do so. (By the way, to avoid any confusion---this is my effect, Brehaut=Greg Berman)

    I certainly appreciate much of the praise David gave this effect ("There are so many brilliant ideas", "the card identification system is in a league of its own", etc). Some of the ideas David questioned to me are a matter of style and I certainly defer to David as to what works best for him. This effect started as a prediction effect that would work for me. For instance, David mentions that examining everything (wallet, card, etc) does not add to the effect. For me it was very important to allow everything to be examined. I agree that many people will not pry into your personal space. On the other hand, I think I perform better knowing that I do not need to "worry" about being asked to examine the wallet, card....

    Overall, I do feel that the review is very fair and this effect is certainly a great way to perform a card to wallet effect with an additional kicker or kickers without any sleight of hand. As Sean Waters said about the effect--"the brain does all the heavylifting". Thanks again David.
  3. I have had a couple people ask---the effect does immediately reset but you would not want to perform it for the same person twice in a row. Hope that helps.

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