Thought this was funny!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by beanzmagic, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I love this.:D

  2. Lmao.flaaaaavor, flaaaaaaavor. Or whatever his name is.

    Does every of your post have to do with Brian Tudor?
  3. Just don't react... pretend it never happened...

  4. Yea i love the opening line after the theme song.
  5. i love the theme song
    "magic tricks! tricky magic!"

    gotta love anybody who makes fun of criss angel
  6. I didn't find it that funny to be honest, just my opinion.
  7. Flaaaaaaaaaaaavor Flaaaaaaaav!!
    Criss- UHH!! Stop yelling out your name everytime you do something!! Do you see me do that? Cwith Angel!! Cwith Angel!!
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    Yeh i saw this realy funny video, i cant find it but it was basicly a criss angel doll thing and he was doing stuff like jumping into bins then he was gone, suddenly out of nowhere


    "I am the mind freak..." lol

    ill try find it
    Omg look at these retards ive found while im trying to find it
    what retards lol
  9. That was hilarious. Aweome Find.

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