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  1. Hey Guys,

    This Is My newest Effect. it is very fun to do, because if done well, it makes people's jaws drop. I won't give away the trick in the text. but it is a very fun trick to do. i'm probably making it sound better than it is. so sory for that. Tell me what you think of the effect. It can be done with any deck at any time.


  2. I like it
    If it really is a random thought of card, its brilliant, would love to see a live performance.
  3. is it really a random card
  4. Yes it is a completely random selection... the spectator can really infact think of a card. there are a couple of different methods that you could use for the effect.... i will try to get a live performance.
  5. There is also a method for actually getting the card that they thought into my pocket, while still doing the trick. It is harder, but it also hits harder. I could not film it because i don't have a spectator. but when i do, i will film both versions of the trick so you can see.
  6. even better than fatal i would like to know the method if your willing to share it.
  7. I don't think that i'll be sharing the method for this one just yet... i want to see if i can make this trick better. i want to see where i can go with it. But i probably will end up revealing sometime in the future. We'll See.
  8. that is really sick, good work. PM me =]
  9. That's pretty awesome. definetly my favorite of yours so far.
  10. No offense but I felt that the whole thought of card thing was pointless. Did you make up the card sandwich routine with it flying in between the jokers? Cuz that was SICK!!! In my opinion you should get rid of the whole "thought of card" bit and just make it a card sandwich routine.
  11. Great work! I have an idea, but the ending totally stumped me.

    Awesome effect!
  12. thank you!
  13. its cool you are trying to think of kicker endings, and using the same type of idea from 5 speed... but there are good ways to utilize a kicker ending and there are mediocre ways to utilize a kicker ending. No offense, in your case, it is a bit mediocre... mainly because, the way you presented the "freely chosen thought of card" was way too important, for you to just "toss it aside" in the beginning. It has a really staged feel to it. In 5 speed however, you can really pretend to lose the selected card and feel bad about it, then go into a completely different trick. I think it would be better to actually have them choose a card and you lose it into the deck, rather than just think of a card.

    Secondly, you say "it would be cool if the card would end up in my pocket..." and at the end, it doesn't even do that when you produce it... thus you are setting the spectators up for something, but not delivering on it. Your words in the beginning kill the trick by not abiding to them.

    Lastly... why do you cut the deck a few times after replacing the two of clubs into the middle of the deck... ? well, I know why you do it, but your spectators could think "why did he just cut the deck after putting it back into the middle... did he try to control it somewhere?" Spectators are getting smarter these days. Try to use a control "cherry? cascade? side steal" so that you can minimize your unecessary movements.
  14. man you shouldnt waste your breath on him, hes not worth it, he wont listen.
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    **** ***. :)
  16. I would edit that a tiny bit, if I were you.
  17. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I believe Harry Lorayne has a very similar effect to this in his book, Close-up Card Magic. I can't be 100% on the change from the 2 of clubs to the 2 jokers, but I believe the effect is very similar.

    Might be a good idea to do some research before claiming it's yours though, and maybe from some more experienced people. Give the magic cafe a try and see what you come up with.

  18. why won't he listen, you can't just say that and not give an example.

    anyways he was asking about the effect to see if it was good so why won't he listen.

    the effect was cool, but you do other things like have them think of a card, and wen they think of it it's already in your mouth.

    can you force a card that's not in the deck.

    have the card in the box and have them think of a card, then place the cards on top of the box, and snap or something, remove the cards on top of the box open it and one card fell threw the deck into a box.

    just an idea but that would be so awesome.great idea
  19. as for those ideas... i have experimented with them... you ccan pretty much do anything you need to.
  20. ...



    Not impressive.

    Plus, it's not nearly original. And as for your post above... You can't "do anything you need to" with what you did in your trick... You didn't force the King of Hearts like he was asking.

    Stop "creating new, amazing, hard-hitting" tricks and making videos/threads about them. It's getting more than a little annoying.

    @ whoever asked about the last sandwich -
    No, he did not "create" that. it's just using a flippant move and tossing a double over. Not difficult, nor original.

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