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  1. Hi guys,

    Wanted to take the time on behalf of all of us to respond to this directly, as it's very important for us to make our goals and objectives clear as we continue to grow, improve, and evolve. I do understand that on the surface, at times, it may appear to some that we are out of touch. That said, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Our team is working 24 / 7 across all areas of the site - with goal being to constantly improve every aspect of this community.

    We do everything we can to make that happen: updating the Media Section twice a day (and reviewing hundreds of submissions), leading Saturday Night Contests every single week (giving out free prizes, but the real goal is to cultivate and inspire creativity), 1-on-1 videos every single week to appeal to those of all interests and ability levels, and major, groundbreaking projects from leading artists just about every month - more than anyone. Also on the community side of things, we do frequent podcasts (roundtable discussions) allowing everyone to instantly, directly learn from artists - free.

    We have an unrivaled desire to push the envelope - with a team of artists that cannot be compared with anywhere else. Darosa mentioned earlier in the previous thread "those other magic sites with big names" - there are no other magic sites with big names that at all compare to the level of engagement and interaction and activity we provide. Every day. Every week. Every month. It's easy to see all of the activity we have on the site as routine now - because everything does have a schedule and a meaning and a purpose. However, we put our blood, sweat, time, and tears on the line for you guys every single day of the week.

    That said, we have a long, long way to go before we sleep. We have made mistakes. Big ones. Small ones. We have learned from our own trial and error. There are so many things we can do better - we would be the absolute first in line to admit it. We thrive off of your feedback - that "Improving T11" thread is incredible, and it's the first thing I check each morning. But for a site only in existence for 10 months, with the goal being to create an online destination for magic and cardistry, I unequivocally believe we have done a pretty damn good job. Do we have our work cut out for us? Absolutely. We have a long way to go before we sleep, but don't forget the little things.

    Our goal is to revolutionize and advance this artform. This will not happen overnight, and we never said it would. If we ever said that, it was probably Dana, and he was probably intoxicated [by completely nonalcoholic beverages] at the time. It will take time. It will continue to take work. But in the end, we will achieve our objectives and we will make a difference. And when that day comes, it will not be us that are the ones leading the revolution. It will be you. Our community. Our members. And the next generation of magicians. Our goal is to inspire that - and to inspire you. That is the future, regardless of what has been accepted as tradition in years past.

    A revolution occurs when artists like Andrei Jikh -- at the age of 19 -- can be announced in one night as a theory11 artist and turn the tables on how innovation in this industry typically works - upside down. It's proof in concept that any one of our members -- any one of us -- here -- has the potential to make a difference, with dedication, innovation, and determination.

    We are not cocky or self-affected to ever claim that we -- as people -- are revolutionary. But what IS revolutionary is when this community we all -- every member included -- have created begins to inspire and create the next generation of artists and innovators -- like Andrei. That, in every definition and characteristic of the term, is a revolution.

    Our artists are incredibly involved with the site on every level. Just this morning, I had a 30 minute discussion with CK about a forum topic he read earlier today and wanted to chat about. I had a two hour discussion last night at 3am with Tom Isaacson about new projects and ideas. The phone call ended with us reading Goodnight Moon aloud and falling asleep in eachother's arms. I made that last sentence up. But the fact remains. All of our top artists and crew are intimately involved with the site on every level. We're here. We're listening. We're active beyond belief.

    For every member that says "theory11 started off kind of like Ellusionist" - this is no hidden fact. I resided as President of Ellusionist after years of working with a great team there, and - after over 6 years - moved on amicably and respectfully in 2007 with the intention to break the mold that I in part had a role in creation of - as well as Wayne, Dana, and BJ (who all worked with Ellusionist in the past as well). Were we influenced by our own previous work? Absolutely - it was our own previous work. We all respect the company then and today. We respect all of those that respect the art. But we look upon that experience as a foundation - and this is what we're building on top of it.

    For every member that says "theory11 is not really underground" - please go to a magic convention as a case study. If you haven't seen the surface, it is impossible to recognize the underground. There is an underground in this industry that defies the ordinary - both in psychology and aesthetic - and questions everything that has been done before - and this is it.

    Since the beginning, we've been guided by only ONE thing: achieving the vision we have set out to do, and doing what we believe is right. The goal has not been to create a site that no one hates - but to create a site that some people love. That's important to us, that's what we've set out to do, and that's what we will - with time, dedication, and your support - accomplish.
  2. Great post. Proves alot of people wrong;). Now add more smilies. Chop Chop.
  3. Ssssssssslightly off topic.. How old are you??

    I saw a YouTube video from '06 which said you were 18 at the time.. Making you 20 now.. Meaning you were President of Ellusionist from the age of about 14?

    Definitely confused. :confused:
  4. Thank you for answering our questions.
  5. Very, VERY well said Mr. Bayme, I applaud you with all I have.


    P.S. the quote about Dana, is so going into my siggy.
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    Great post man. It's good to hear that our suggestions are being heard but not ignored.
    Some of it was pretty funny.
    And my question, with no malicious intent, which seems to be greatly misinterpreted, is still: What about the revolution? Andrei is an artist here, and he is amazing (as are many other's) but what exactly does that say for the company. What is Andrei going to contribute? Well, it's Andrei, so I'm sure w/e it is, it's gonna be awesome, but what about the other members. What do they do. What does Mathiew Bich do? Anyways, best of luck in the future, it's good to hear that you guys are still improving. My small suggestion would be to get some cheaper 1on1's. (<<<no need to lash out at that)
    -Sean Fast
  7. Can you please add Serbia to your shipping list?
  8. Any type of cage match will do, I just want a cage match. :eek:
  9. Well said JB...well said.

    Like I mentioned earlier...losing a few hundred members would not affect much yet Theory11 strives to cater to each individual. From listening to suggestions, artist participation, and to giving away free stuff...Theory11 proves that it's more than just about business. If that doesn't....then I don't know what does.

    I have yet to see a company that matches up to Theory11's care, quality, and attention to detail.

    -Andrei Jikh

  10. no bias there.. :rolleyes::D
  11. None whatsoever.

    Wanna fight?....J/K

    -Andrei Jikh
  12. i soo have my money on andrei
  13. ..........

    for me theory11 is a really groundbreaking... like what the CEO said its not gonna happen instantly and thats why were all here to be a part of the revolution.....
  14. I guess JB meant what he said when he mentioned...

  15. Remembering what Lee Asher said in the video when the site first came up, he said that this was quality over quantity. Chris Kenner said that this was for the youth of magic, our future. These two statements definitely hold up even today.

    Like what Andrei said, this is more than just business. From the boards to the contests to the videos, Theory11 proves that it's not just producing videos for their sake of making money, but to show the magician the right path and to succeed (Andrei *cough*cough*) Heck, the outtakes and the SNC are enough proof for this.

    Its only just the beginning... (what a cliché xD)
  16. Honestly, T11's staff team is the best there is. I don't need anyone to convince me of that. They have moved vastly off the path of bussiness to take special care of each member, like the time my CC wouldn't work on thier system and they ran out of advance copies of Distortion. They solved the dilemma. I won't say how, but they did in a very very generous fashion.
  17. Speaking personally, I think this is just a reflection of the instant gratification people want.

    One of the things holding me back from being more of a regular face here is that talking about the hottest new release or why this site should take over the universe is all anyone ever wants to do.

    The backlash in the now-closed thread is a reflection of the fact that this forum is an armada of typical consumers. They want everything now, they're all over hype like ugly on ape, and when they don't get instant gratification they cry foul.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing personal against you Jon. Or any of the other admins here for that matter. Your hearts in the right place, and all the hype and bells and whistles is just playing the game of marketing, which is what you need to do to stay afloat these days.

    But what you can't control is the fact that magicians are very, very gullible. They're much easier to decieve than they think, and they get very cranky over being decieved whether it's real or imagined. Hence, the discontent when certain people realize that they're not getting the instant gratification they tricked themselves into believing your marketing blitz was promising them.

    Do I sound a little bitter? Probably. But this is just the trend I've been noticing, and you know I only speak for myself.
  18. Your my new bestfriend... feel free to add me on aim or msn if you would like :D.

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