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  1. OK guys, looking for some input, here...

    I have been trying to commit to a single "street performance" deck, and kinda' went "deck crazy" for a bit trying out everything I can get my hands on. What I am torn on is, my instinct tells me to stick with the thin card stock, i.e. the old Split Spades, or the D&D smoke and mirrors. But I am WAY more comfortable with the thicker stocks, i.e. Shadow Masters and the like.

    I guess I am answering my own question bymknowing I should be going with what I am comfortable with, but would love some input from you guys on personal experience with using thicker stock decks for magic.

    Just for backround info, I am not much of a flourisher AT ALL. Just mainly into classic card/sleight stuff. Thanks in advance!
  2. The best advice I can give is use what you feel most comfortable with.

    We can't really help you with that. No one, not even the USPCC, can tell you which deck is the best to use. It varies from person to person.

  3. Well, I tend to use thinner stock decks for magic. This is because thicker decks often clump rather easily. Sure, they're are some exceptions, but thinner decks work best for me. Decks I regularly use are Tally-Ho's, Arrco US Reg.,etc. On some rare occasions, I will use Smoke & Mirrors.
  4. I agree that you should use whatever you're most comfortable with.

    With that said, I find thinner cards tend to hide DL's a bit better. On the flip side, I find DL's easier to do with thicker cards.

    Just some things to consider. :)
  5. Ironically those cards you use are thick cards.

    I agree that just use the decks that are comfortable to you.
    I like to use thin decks but own very little so I'm pretty much stuck with thick decks most of the time.
  6. Tally-Ho's and Arrco US Reg. are thick cards?:confused:
  7. If you compare them to thin cards like Studs and Vodkas, yes.

    As you've already mentioned, just play around with them. I've been using Studs myself lately and it's very different to something like S&M which is my current regular performing deck. Just try performing with both, practice with both, and try practicing all sorts of things from counts to lifts to switches with them.
  8. i just use bikes. technically thin would be best, but who likes technicalities :)
  9. I usually use Bikes. I used to think that thicker stock is better. I loved it. However, as I got more and more used to cards I started to switch over to the thinner stuff. I now prefer thinner stock than thicker stock, but its really up to you what you use. Use what you feel comfortable with.

  10. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I guess in the back of my mind the "use whatever you are comfortable with" was resonating, but I just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on using the "thick" cards for magic, in the case of certain lifts/sleights being more obvious.

    I have always practiced with bikes, and may just settle on a few thick decks for special presentation (for some reason I just love the look of a black deck...), and stick with good old regular bikes for general use.
  11. Use thicker

    Tally hos are the main thing i use. Flourishing or magic. I am pretty sure they are the same stock as bicycles but if you feel a difference then ok. I like them because they are different then reg bikes but not obnoxiously gaffy looking like custom cards.
  12. I think that's a good idea, the design of custom decks which are thicker can often lend a more professional feel that regular bikes; aesthetics were the basis of my decision to use SMs and hence also my experimenting with thin decks - I mean, as long as one doesn't make it terribly more difficult to execute sleights, then yeah by all means switch them according to your needs. As for lifts being more obvious, it's just how you display the cards, I accidentally gave away a lift with studs which are very thin, cause I flashed the edges to the audience.
  13. i use bikes and bees, you know the normal non border kind you get from walgreens, i have 1 deck of masters which is lasting forever but are sorta thick feeling i guess i use the cheap cards sense im not really rich. i like aviators too not sure why i guess as long as i can do a DL with them i will use them i have alot of old casino ones too haha. ghosts are sorta cool too i dont knwo i use whatever i guess
  14. Interesting thread. Good to read people's opinion and experience.

    For me I would say it depends on what I'm performing. Some tricks are good with thick cards and other's with thin cards. If I'm going to be out doing a lot of different effects, I'll carry both.
  15. I've been using Guardians and I don't see myself stopping for a while. But like others have said it's really how you feel. Try out different decks and use the one that suits you. It's all up to you.


  16. I say Bikes - I just went through this same thing and got lots of cards, now I have bunch of cards sitting there and all I use is Bikes from Sams - here is why I chose standard bike - everyone has seen them, they feel good, when I would do double lifts with thicker stock cards some had a chance to see the two cards = bad. So I just stuck with Bikes and they are relativiely cheap as well as accessible should I need to run and get some.

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