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    Ok=P normally I don't do reviews but i thought lets write one. First, the effect is something you have to like. The magician puts a thread in his mouth, swallows it for half its length(so still a bit of thread hangs from his mouth), then the performer starts gagging, and sniffing, reaches up for his eye, and pulls out the thread. The thread goes further in the mouth, and comes all the way out through the eye.

    If you like what you see(read), and want a disturbing picture for the audience to remember definitely get it. I think both methods are awesome, although i prefer the geek method more. I am still working on it, but while practicing I got the image I want it to have it. What you see is what you get, no funny things to hide, its just like the video, the thread goes in the mouth, and comes out from the eye. I think no one will ever know how the effect is accomplished(especially if you do the geek method), if you give it the practice it deserves.

    You need to get some things for both methods, but you can get those in a shop near you(I live in the Netherlands, so if any dutch people want to know where i got my stuff, just send me a message). The geek method doesn't require much, but you might need to get over some psychological issues(the chance is you find this idea a really bad idea), once you get the hang of it, you can prepare yourself anytime anywhere, by just going to the toilet or something. and wayne houchin says he even did it 4 hours before performing it, so you could prepare yourself, do your normal street magic walk around, and perform this whenever you want. The other method uses a gimmick, and you can make very much of these all at once, it doesn't take long to create, and works great if you're not in for the geek method. The plus thing about this method is you can make the gimmick, keep it in your pocket forever, and pull it out when you need it. Also, before I forget, bote methods dont require expensive stuff, I believe I found everything for 10 to 15 dollar(but I already saw online, that the amount you get in America for that price is much more).

    Wayne teaches you everything you need to know. He goes into detail about what thread to use, what to use for safety, the acting involved and he gives you a nice little extra called the gypsy thread miracle. It's cool to see the classic trick with wayne's extra add. Although it's such an old trick, it looks so clean, and seeing wayne perform it, actually got me performing it right away, and the person who saw it was stunned. So yeah, it's nice he reminds you of the power of those classic effects.

    Some nice things to know about the geek method is that it is so clean, for me that is the real thing. You can really stop half way through and show the thread hanging from your eye. Some subtleties he teaches you make sure the method never gets spotted. And in the gimmicked method, the gimmick is very easy to handle, and to hide. Your hands look clean, the image is almost exactly the same, the only difference is, you can't show the thread hanging from your eye. But for the persons who don't want to do the geek method, yeah the gimmicked method is definitely worth the price(I don't know what the price is going to be at theory 11, but waynes price was good, so I think theory 11's price is still worth it).

    Also, the quality of the video is great. I bought the dvd and download. The quality is great, and some nice extras are involved(gypsy thread, an interview, prop management for thread). I only saw the download, so maybe the dvd has even more extras.

    So to close this review. This will be one of the tricks(in my opinion)that let you say to other magician: dont buy it. It's actually something you only want to know for yourself. I think it's going to be my favorite of this year(since I do razorblade swallowing, and saw, this is a nice add to geek magic with thread). I would rate this really a 10/10. And I want to thank Wayne for bringing this effect on the market, I have been waiting for this since the time I saw his youtube vid of thread(and that's a long time =P). sorry if people don't like the review, it's my first review. Any questions, just ask.
  2. You might want to fix that part- it's extremely misleading. :p Other than that- very nice review!
  3. Great review, but what do you mean when you say you can't show the thread hanging from your eye in the gimmicked version?
  4. It would be a nice effect, though. :D

    Very nice review. I'm sure I'll pick this up sometime in the near future.
  5. Okay guys, I haven't had the chance to pick this up. BUT, from the "reviews" I've read it's hard not to "figure it out."


  6. The geek "method" is not one you can really "expose". Kinda like "block head", the sleight version is the only one that can be "exposed" and people haven't "exposed" it.

  7. how do you get more straight forward than you can't show the thread hanging from your eye in the gimmicked version?

    Not trying to be mean, but the statement is exactly as it sounds.

    And the string you swallowed coming out of the spectator's eye might sound awesome, it would probably be... well I don't think there's actually a word for it.

    rude maybe?

  8. Okay, "geek" method leans you in one direction. And Sleight version that most magicians have leans you in another. So, it should be a prerequisite to not give away the secret while writing a review??? Unless of course it helps you in some way or another.
  9. No offense taken as I'm known to ask dumb questions. But does that mean that you have to keep pulling on it and can't remove your hand? It was just a little unclear to me.
  10. Hehe thanks for warning me xD. Changed that.
  11. It would be hard to explain it without exposing stuff. Anyways, you can remove your hand from your eye, and see the thread coming from it. Just letting it hang down(I think wayne does it in the video by the way) is not possible. Hopes this helps a bit.
  12. Well you can actually have the thread dangle from your eye in the gimmicked version, your eye just has to be really closed tight. Whereas in the geek version you can have your eye completely open and show the thread dangling from it.

    I hope that didn't give too much away. If it did, feel free to delete it!
  13. Has anyone in Canada recived there dvd yet?
  14. whats the difficulty of the trick from 1 - 10 ?
  15. Difficulty is probably about a 3... Timing is really the hardest part.
  16. Remember not to soak the thread that comes out of your eye in lemon juice before you do the effect. Also rolling it in finely broken glass is a bad move as well.

  17. can you the geek method with contacts on??
  18. It's been said that you can. i have contacts, but haven't tried since having contacts... due to... unrelated reasons. Just haven't gotten around to getting the right materials. But I hear you can. Contacts are generally around the iris. There's no reason for the thread to come in contact here.
  19. k thx man :)
  20. When he says you can't show the thread hanging from your eye with the gimmicked version, he means that because the thread isnt actually coming from your eye, you cannot let go of the end to show it coming from your eye, you have to just pull it right out. In my opinion, the geek method is way better because is so real looking (because it is real!) and people can't possibly think of another method besides ITS COMING OUT OF YOUR EYE, AND IT IS. Here is a tip though. If you feel you know how it's done, do not try it. Buy the dvd, watch it a few times before you attempt anything because there is a very specific way of doing everything to keep you SAFE. If you are ok with destroying your eye, then go ahead and try it, but you should really buy the dvd. It gets great reactions...especially from the ladies ;) haha. Enjoy, and BE SAFE.

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