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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cardz9863, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. The release times, does anyone know if Toronto, Canada runs on EST or PST? Cuz I thought it was 7 for us but it seems like it's not so thanks!
    Also if you're wondering about your time zone maybe you could post where you live and peopel could help you out!
  2. toronto is EST as is all of Ontario
  3. go to google and type in "time in chico ca" it will give you the current time there, its easier than trying to compare and add and such
  4. Toronto is EST. Therefore it will be released at 10pm your time!

  5. i have never gotten a digital download of anything before. and i am planning on getting the download of Thread tonight. about how long after you order does your download arrive?
  6. I wouldn't know. I think this is the first time Wayne is selling something through his site. If he's using a type of system for ordering then perhaps it will come immediately.

  7. Apparently shipping to any where in the world is $5 so I'm not sure.
  8. Just do we know if were within the first 200?
  9. still says coming soon for me...
  10. click on the more info, thats where the buy option is, and im guessing he will anounce the winner within a day or two
  11. holy crap!!!!!!! hope a lot of people had had the same problem with the coming soon!!!!!!!
  12. i click on more info and its just a little paragraph about the contest, a video on top, a reel of thread below...

    Thats it!!
  13. clear your cache
  14. in case someones wondering
    the combo its 30bucks and the download its 1.00GB
  15. He will announce the winner November 28th, next friday at 7 P.M PST according to his website.

  16. I ordered!! I'm really excited. WOW, you can get the download for only 5 bucks more. That was surprising.
  17. Thread - What time did you order?

    DId you order thread?

    I'm just curious on what time did you order?
  18. I think your trying to find out the odds of you winning.

  19. i ordered at 10:03 EST, so 7:03 PST
  20. I ordered as soon as the store page refreshed. By the time i completed the order, it was 10:03 EST.

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