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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicalTrevor, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys whats up! I'm new here
    I just want to know if you people ca help me with the stuff I'm doing? I'm a very funny guy,so when doing magic at school I usualy do it in a way a comedian would do. although as part of my number i sometimes have to expose the method to get the punchline across. because of that people didn't found sleeping queens, or control or even my ambitios card not that impressive anymore (even though they had a good laugh!!!:cool::cool:).
    now I really wanna perform thread, but i still wanna have the comedy approach. also since all my friends are at school i don't wanna expose this one for the punchline (since I always have to get a new trick to perform and i like thread very very much). can you guys help me out with this one? :)
  2. uggh

    This sickens me. Sorry, but I think you should jump off a cliff for revealing magic. Just my personal opinion. I don't want to sound hypocritical if I say I'm not trying to be hostile =) If that's how you perform, then at least the bright side is you realize somewhere deep down that you shouldn't reveal "Thread." Wayne worked very hard on this and it's like his "baby" if you will, so he would not like it at all if his effect were treated with less respect than it, and he, deserves. Feel free to completely come back and argue with me, but that's just my 2 cents.... maybe more like 5 cents because i typed more.
  3. And on another note... If you actually have to reveal magic to get your punch line across, then I suggest you stop trying to be a comedian/magician and read a book about performing with comedy. If you didn't notice, only Penn and Teller reveal magic using comedy. Any other decent group of magicians think nothing of the sort, yet their routines all include sorts of comedy. Try changing around your style, or just don't tell people you reveal magic. That would have saved you a lot of crap and typing relentlessly from me.
  4. yes i agree you should not reveal magic for a punch line like control and sleeping queen are great tricks and well anytrick shouldnt just be revealed for a laugh murray sawchuck is a comidey magican and he dosent reveal any magic like if you need comidey sort of things use an electric deck do murrays vanishing wennier (its a hot dog) so dont start or things like that magic shouldnt be exposed at all and thread is really stupid to expose because it is a fair bit of set up to the trick and itts all for nothing if you reveal it
  5. Yeah... you're a total douche.

    Sorry, but you're obviously NOT a 'very funny guy', If you WERE you could make your audience laugh without having to rely on 'Look how clever I am!' antics just to garner a few cheap laughs.

    I am not a comedy magician by any stretch of the imagination, but I AM a naturalistic, relaxed performer, and I'm generally a naturally funny guy, so yeah, the lines sometimes come across and my audience gets a laugh, but that laugh is a well placed, rounded, full laugh based on actual amusement, NOT a laugh on behalf of exposure.


    End transmission.

  6. That was the angriest post I've ever seen Chris write!:p

  7. I'm angry Dee! I'm ANGRY!!

    Seriously though, this dude is a moron.

    Oh, by the way... Did you hear FreezerBurn features some of the best ideas in magic? Haha.

  8. Though I agree with everything Chris has said, I have decided to post with a little more tact and just ask a few questions.
    MagicalTrevor, do you call yourself a magician? Are you really creating an illusion? If you are not a magician...I don't think we can help you here.
    If your tricks aren't impressive, who's fault do you think that is? Is it the fault of the trick?
    If you are a funny guy, do you need to ruin hours of hard work put in by creators for a cheap laugh?
    Wayne has been working on thread for years. It is actually something quite important to him, do think he would be okay if he knew that some kid was throwing away years of hard work so that his friends between classes could giggle?

    Answer those questions to yourself. I think you really need to think about what is ethical.

    *Question for other users of this forum - Should we tell him he's a moron and is bad for magic or should we steer him in the right ethical direction?*

    PS - Don't come onto a forum full of magicians and tell them you expose tricks regularly. We don't take that well. I personally perform 2 of the 3 tricks you mentioned you exposed. That annoys me.
    Oh and Chris is a nice guy he just doesn't like what your doing to the art that he has worked so hard for. This is probably why he came across as a little harsh.
  9. really funny when someone reveals a trick.. haha not..
  10. I REALLY hope you are joking. why would you expose control?? control isn't a comedy piece, its supposed to be something displaying how you can CONTROL yourself when doing magic, not that you pulled a fast one.

    if exposing magic is your "style" you should quit. not joking. or maybe read a book on magic or quit magic and be a comedian if a punchline is what you want.

    definitely part of the 95%. the lower end too.
  11. You can "expose" without exposing, if you feel like you are able to get laughs from this line of presentation.

    Steve Martin used to make a candle vanish, most likely from any traditional method out there. When he'd go to take a bow, the arm he held the candle in originally was stuck straight out like the candle was up his sleeve preventing him from bending it. He'd hit his arm as if to break the candle, then take a more comfortable bow.

    He exposed without exposing.

    It's too bad your first taste of this forum, and perhaps the magic community in general, was peppered with so much hostility, but what you seem to be doing is very much frowned upon in the magic world.

    Best of luck!

  12. Part of me hopes that it is bad english - or that it's a joke - I don't know what advice to give you...except, humous comes from situations and plots - not exposure and revealing...but that has been said.

    I don't think you will get much more until you post more what you are looking for - and what you really mean.
  13. I think you should just stick to being a comedian, and not include any magic at all. If you cannot perform magic, but you can make people laugh, doesn't that ring in your head that you are more of a comedian rather than a magician after all.
  14. wow. Even Chr!s is flamming the guy. Im going to remain unpartial - becuase last time I started ranting off someone - it got pretty nasty :p

  15. I'm shock!!!
    nobody of you help me with my question! if you read again you see I DON'T want to expose thread. all you do is flaming!! what are you!??? internet magic police?! i know many magicians who expose for the sake of a punchline. Penn and Teller is a very good example. I love watching them and I bet you love too! they have success with performing magic with their tongue in cheek and they even expose it with a huge comedy success! you don't believe me? here look:
    you hear that applaus? its not fake!

    But back to topic now!
    I choose to perform with comedy, because I had better reactions and laughs out of it. i still want to have laughs and good reactions but this time i don't want to expose thread because i like it too much (so much for your flaming!). what I'm asking for is help on how to perform thread in such a way that its is still a comedy aproach. please help me out with that instead of flaming will ya?
  16. Well then, I'm sorry if it was such a bash - but revealing magic effects on second notice is wrong. I however, can't help you with thread - don't intend on getting it :p
  17. yeah dude, even if your a comedy magician it's not funny at all to reveal tricks. It's lame. Magic is all about keeping the secret. Not giving it away for a laugh. Sorry you got smashed here but this is not the place to go around telling people that you are giving away what we have worked hard to keep a secret
  18. Wooh we have seen Chris's dark side and i like it.
  19. I'm sorry...did I hear that correctly? You're actually likening yourself to Penn and Teller?
    That, my friend, is ridiculous.
    Who do you think designed the 'Lift Off' illusion? Do you think it was creators who worked hard on crafting their art? No, actually, it was Penn and Teller.

    I personally do not want to help you as I don't you're worth the time.
  20. Clearly you do not understand Penn and Teller or their performance style. They expose without exposing. There was recently an article in a Vegas paper that talked about how they expose without exposing.


    I'm done with this topic. You still exposed magic before and in the future you will probably expose thread because you want a reaction you can't get without exposure.

    95% like i said before

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