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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Greetings!

    I am proud to announce that the THREAD protected forum is now available. The forum is 100% secure, and no passwords are required for access. For all of you who purchased Thread through my website (, I will be working within the next couple of days to make this forum open to you as well.

    On this thread (about Thread), I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Thread and I would love to hear your feedback.

    Stay in touch and I'll talk to you soon.
  2. I was acually about to say what about people that bought it of your site but i cant wait.
  3. Awesome! I can't wait either! T11 is a great community and I'll be pushing to get access for those who have purchased THREAD through my site.
  4. Awesome, I would definitely like to check the forum out.

    Wayne I wanted to ask you directly. Is mercerized cotton okay?
  5. Absolutely! That's what I used on the DVD.
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    Cool! Thanks.

    Enjoyed the DVD a lot Wayne. I remember watching the first Thread video on your site and being like "dude, I wanna do that!" Great effect.
  7. Hey Wayno, does the sleight method look different from the geek method? what are the angles like on the sleight method, since the sleight method is 100% safe can any type of thread be used?
  8. Anybody with the DVD can answer that. To the spectator, the sleight method looks identical to the Geek method. The angles are fantastic, the only way a person would catch a flash would be if they were standing between you and your hand. Yes, any type of thread can be used for the sleight method.

  9. A bit off topic but will the other products have protected forum pages?
  10. Yes indeed - stay tuned for details as soon as more information is available. And major props to RZ for developing the system from scratch. Getting access to a protected forum requires no passwords and is 100% safe and secure.
  11. Hi Wayne..Just wanna ask that is there any difference if I use polyester threads for the geek method rather than those cotton ones? Will it hurt more? I'm having some trouble finding some cotton threads in Singapore..So maybe guys in Singapore that got thread can tell me where can I find cotton thread? Kept getting polyester threads in sewing shops..
  12. is it really bad to use polyester thread?
  13. Wayne......aww never mind my question would expose the method....i guess i'll wait till the protected forum opens for me.
  14. Yes. Don't use it! There are tiny small microscopic lilliputian wee little miniscule
    pieces of nastiness in there, that can hurt your eye(s).

    This is what Polyester thread looks like:


    Now the 100% mercerized cotton:


    Er, I hope this was not too off topic...
  15. the thing is I want to perform this effect on friday for a show, but I can't find the cotton thread anywhere. It's just polyester thread that I see.
  16. ive performed it once with polyester thread so it is possible just 100% cotton thread is way better
  17. Well, its really up to you then, but I think you should follow Wayne's instruction; use 100% cotton thread. Rather wait for the right stuff, a magician should never be too hasty you know! ;)
  18. Can you perform the effect with contact lenses? People have been saying that there are two methods and would wearing contacts restrict me from doing one of the methods?
  19. I found 100 percent cotton thread at Jo ans fabrics
    fabric stores should ave it.

    I know you can do the slight version with contacts, the other one im not so sure a bout
  20. so how is this thread protected???

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