THREAD Release Special Event :: Tonight at 11:00pm EST

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Today is the day, tonight the night. At 11:00pm EST, theory11 will be releasing THREAD by W:H. A length of thread is placed into your mouth, swallowed, then slowly, visually pulled out of your eye. Magic doesn't get more direct or visual than that.

    To go along with the THREAD release, we will be holding a special event tonight - a release window of both White Centurions AND Brown Wynn's at the same time. We have not offered these anywhere on the site in months, and all remaining quantities - as they have been - are being held by theory11 in private reserves and for special contest events like tonight.

    Less than 700 decks of the original White Centurions remain, and tonight - that number drops by 100. To get your hands on some White Centurions and Brown Wynn's, be sure to be here at 11:00 sharp, as this will only last a few moments before the limited quantity reserved for tonight is gone.

    Less than three hours remaining...
  2. Cool cool, I might buy thread after some reviews.
  3. Awesome, I Just put money in the bank for this. I'm so stoked.
  4. Awesome yayyyyyyy
  5. i am getting thread for christmas but i asked my dad and he is going to let me buiys some wynns and cents
  6. Have fun with that
  7. I am so going to miss this window ><
    I have work at 2pm, which is 10pm EST ><
  8. i will buy u some

    just kidding
  9. gonna try and get me a White Cents deck..... try being the operative word.
  10. DANGIT!
    I have Parkour tonight.
    I wont get back till 8:30 Pacific.

    Oh well Another time for white Cents.
  11. Afraid i'll be paying $50+ for a single deck of White Cents :(
  12. i dont know what deck to get
  13. get 4 white cents... 1 for u, 3 for me xD
  14. wow , white cents & wynn brown togehter? Can I get the deck in one time?
  15. yes word count
  16. So i have a question..
    Because i'm So incredibly cool.. Can you put one to the side for me so i can order when i'm done with Parkour?
    Because that'd be Pretty legit.


    Jordan. G
  17. sure they will they did that last time for me

    just kidding
  18. You guys are so funny

    Kidding :D
  19. *Airplane SOundeffects*

    ERRRWWWWWWWWW *Makes blowing up sounds and gets spit all over the screen*

    Crash and burn.

    Anyway, thread is going to be awesome.
  20. i think i am funny and if i had friends i think they would think i am funny too

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