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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by TheViper, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hey, i was wondering if you can do Thread with the rubberband? It would be cool ending to my rubberband routine if i`d break the band, swallow it and pull it from my eye :)
  2. no you can not. It is impossible
  3. nope sorry.. too impossible. but hey if someone knows how please feel free to post.. :p
  4. yeah i dont think you could, you would go blind
  5. Sure if you like your eye popping out.

    Have fun!
  6. Try the idea of using the sleight method. I am sure you could modify something to make that look legit. The geek method... I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. That is the attitude that separates youtube magicians from creators. Do yourself a favor and loose it. Just a passing thought.
  8. Ew, God, no...

    Segachtek made a good point about the sleight method though, I guess it could be done with that. One thing worth noting is would it actually look realistic?

    -Sam H
  9. not sure, never tired it... maybe you should try it and let us know how it goes.
  10. Just no... Don't.

    Thread is potentially dangerous enough with thread, rubber band? No thanks, if something were to cause the rubber band to snap back to my eye, not only would I have everybody laughing at me, but I wouldn't be able to see straight for the next day or so.

    - Sean
  11. Again, THINK people. Of course thread done the geek way by simply substituting a rubber band for the thread would be among the more stupid ideas imagined by magicians. Get beyond that and try to figure out how to make it work. THINK! Sleight method. The apparatus will have to be modified some way or another, but with practice this may be a way to create the illusion. It may not be one you want to do with an old rubber band or with people up close, but the same principals will work fine if you play with it.

    OR, if someone is creative, I am sure someone could find a way to come closer to the geek method. Instead of arguing about how people are dumb for thinking of this impossible and dangerous idea and start thinking for yourselves and trying to come up with a way. That is how good magic is created. Let's actually try.
  12. I'm going to pull a serated knife from my rear end, anyone want to help me come up with a way?

    Impossible and dangerous idea... but hey this is how good magic is created these days.

    - Sean
  13. Actually, his attitude towards this is what separates him from people who are blind.

    The OP asked if you can do THREAD with a rubberband. Not if some method exists for pulling a rubberband out of your eye.

    Where'd you buy your soapbox, anyway?

  14. Exactly why I suggested the sleight method. THREAD done with a rubber band. The first posts were all "don't do do that, it's stupid, it's dangerous." People limited their scope and focused on the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS fact that it is dangerous. It takes one person to point out the obvious fact. I never had any intention to suggest that we should all try pulling rubber bands out of our eyes, but if someone has a brilliant idea, they ought to explore the possibilities.

    All I ask if for people to think, not to hail the person who states an item of common sense as a hero.
  15. Again. Somone asked if Thread can be done with a rubberband. Someone then replied that it is impossible. You came back and insulted the person for saying it is a dumb idea. Now you are saying that it is obviously a stupid idea?

    Make up your mind.

    No one "limited" their scope. They were answering the question based on the constraints of the OP.

  16. You probably could use the sleight method but I doubt it would look realistic. I also doubt you want to swallow a rubber band as well.

    As for the Geek method. Hell no. The rubber band is way too thick and would not only damage your eye in more ways then one. It would just be stupid as hell.
  17. The comments I made were to the point that THREAD did not have to be preformed the way everyone thought. There was more than the Geek method. Thread CAN be performed with a band, you just have to use the other method. All I have meant to say from the start is that if you get off your butt and think for a second, you can find a way. It's not impossible. The geek method might be a dumb idea, we have all figured that one out, but for crying out loud people, don't say it is impossible. No mention was ever made in the OP of the Geek method, only of THREAD.

    "Hey, i was wondering if you can do Thread with the rubberband? It would be cool ending to my rubberband routine if i`d break the band, swallow it and pull it from my eye "

    I am trying to get people to open their eyes a little. Or don't. Let someone else figure out how to do impossible things. Keep on doing what you were doing in the first place.

    Oh, back to a productive conversation, the sleight method would definitely have to be done with a new band (so marks on it don't give away any secrets) and at a distance, or else someone will pick up on where it is coming from.
  18. Segachetk your attitude is what drives people away, along with a few other posters. No you don't have to be sweet and kind in every way, but respect and being polite is something you are lacking and apparently reading skills.

    No one ever stated he was dumb for thinking of doing this effect with a rubberband, I don't even know if he has it, and if not then he was wondering if he should buy it for the simple fact that the closer to his rubberband routine would be very unique.

    The reason the sleight method was left out was most likely for the fact that it is not as practical or as good looking as the geek method. The sleight method would not be that practical for a rubberband for the fact that it has no real length to it, if you miss it could bounce back and reveal the method. You need to understand where people are coming from and not criticize in an unwanted manner.

    Btw, to everyone that said it was impossible just try and use different context. True it is difficult and would most likely blind somebody but use different words like "extreme difficulty" or "hazard to eye". See that wasn't so hard was it Segachetk it got your point across without telling people off.
  19. I saw the name of this thread and it hurt my eye. :(
  20. HOLY CRAP,
    Just thinkin about using a rubber band with the geek method i could already imagine how freakin painful that would be. Yeah seriously as if thread doesn't hurt enough already lol. I mean if you wanna go ahead and try it be my guest, and go blind, no im just kiddin. Its not possible though, and if it was that would be the most pain you've ever felt in ur life!

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