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  2. I can't wait until these two are released.
  3. ill get 3 not sure about the other dunno whats in it

    i found this
    is lethal gunna be re-released?
  4. Lethazl will be re-released for about 15 minutes. but there are less than ten copies left. It will be fifty pound (About one hundred dollars)
  5. Where did you hear that?

  6. it was up there yesterday, then he took it down. The onyl place to read it (I shouild have quoted directly...) is at my blog:

    Last night it said that they had very few, as in single didgits. and that there would be different prizes etc. I don;t know why he took it down....
  7. Three looks pretty good, the other one looks alright. And lethal im too poor to afford

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