Three Card Monte Burns by Ben Train

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. My good friend and incredible skilled card technician, Ben Train, created this sick effect and published it in the 2009 June issue of MAGIC Magazine. He fooled me with this months ago and I was kicking myself when I learned the method. This is my performance of it. Enjoy! Comments appreciated as usual!

    Michael Kras
  2. One of them should have been a queen.
  3. it was fast, slow down a little, let the effect sink in a little more., i couldnt understand what you were saying some of the time.
    neat little effect tho.
    edit: just looked a little more
  4. I honestly had to stop watching after a bit,

    I find it really hard to watch with your patter etc.

    Will watch it muted later on lol.
  5. Hey Mike,

    The patter needs to be slowed down a bit, as do the movements. Sometimes, when you are moving at this pace it makes it hard to follow for us. But for a spectator they might think you're doing something "funny". So just try to slow it down and smooth everything out. A couple shuffles in the beggining were a bit sloppy as well.

    Oh. And your fact about Sigfried and Roy retiringa few years ago, is incorrect. They retired this year after one final show.

    Dylan P.
  6. Yeah. I was going to say, great trick, great visuals, garbage patter.

    Seriously, a great effect though.
  7. It really doesn't matter to me at all if my overhand shuffles are sloppy... first of all, I'm not Dan or Dave... second of all, I feel it adds to the feeling of absence of control.

    They had retired up until the show this past year... when Roy was mauled, they were off for a good 3-4 years.

    I agree about my speed... 12:00 am, Red Bull :).
  8. Really? Garbage? Ok, I feel great now.
  9. Wow I wouldn't say Garbage patter, reminded me of Jay Sankey's twisted humor hahaha. It does need to be slowed down. Also, I think twisting/rotating the deck should be at minimal
  10. I'd really like to be able to take it back, but I can't. Tough love, I guess.

    The effect is stellar though. And your performance was really good.

    Something about the patter though reeked of cheezy 80's kids birthday party magician. I personally have a great distaste for that. It feels so out of touch and contrived. I mean...Sigfried and Roy? Really?

    If I were performing it, I'd swap out using the two Kings for indifferent spectator choices (assuming you're performing to 3 or more people). Force the ace on one spec and the other two cards can be totally indifferent - they're just other spec choices to help find the card. Then you can still do the rest of the routine (including the finder cards to aces) in pretty much the same fashion and it would actually be really good.
  11. I just met Ben at GGG like a week ago, he's probably one of the greatest card guys. I liked the performance and the patter, but as everyone else pointed out just slow down a little bit. Good job and I must say I enjoy your videos, keep it up!
  12. Ben fools me every time I see him... he's absolutely insane with cards and a true friend.
  13. yeah, Ben's quite a talented guy, but a sometimes little too intense. I get the impression he doesn't like hobbyists that want to learn and practice yet don't want/think they can give up their day-job to perform full time. That, or maybe it's just me. He sort of gives me these crooked looks.

    But the dude is talented and has a great mind. And he works really hard. Respect.
  14. How do you know Ben? Are you from Toronto?
  15. I am...

    He'd know me if he saw me, but I doubt he remembers me.
  16. Ahh...

    It's not that he dislikes hobbiests at all... he just is very particular about who he shares stuff with.
  17. lol. I get that, and I get Ben's really passionate about his work. I wasn't asking him to share anything. I just sort of hang around and he tends to give me cut-eye.

    I love magic, love learning about it, love reading, watching, buying and occasionally, even performing it. But I know I could never do it professionally. I was all but forbidden to perform it as a child, so I picked it up a bit later in life. And it shows. My skills are limited, but I can do some kick ass cold-reads.

    Also, I started getting back into it via a somewhat shady avenue that's frowned upon by some - the pickup arts. I've pretty much left that arena, but it re-sparked my interest in magic. That, and being able to drive after a few years of Driver's Licence issues.

    Now, I try to head to Morrissey's and Browser's whenever I can (I was at Morrissey's 50th a couple of weeks back). I work some strange hours, so I'm hesitant to commit to meetings, and I doubt my skill level's good enough for adult classes and I'd be a bit out of place in the children's classes. So basically I'm restricted to self-directed learning. Which is pretty tough. But I do alright and I'm loving it.

    I get the impression Ben had parents that encouraged him, or at the very least, stayed out of his way. And that's awesome. But that's not the case for everyone.
  18. Hey folks,

    First, Mike, I'm glad you enjoy the effect! Makes me happy.

    Second, thank you all for the kind words. It's a cool effect indeed, and I encourage you to try it on the lay-folk. :)

    Finally, phrozunsun, I'm so so sorry if I gave off that impression. I LOVE sharing magic, and would be HONORED to jam sometime. Please shoot me a message on facebook (Benzi Train) and I'll let you know the next time something is happening!
  19. Hey man, I'm a big fan of packet tricks and 3 card monte, but the link doesn't work anymore (for me anyways), so can you post a link of this effect?
  20. Hey Toby,

    I'm afraid I don't. I recall there being several videos of the routine on youtube, some being better then others (obviously), but I don't know where I'd find them.

    The routine was published, in an early, less sophisticated form, in Magic Magazine several years ago, under the title "Kosher Monte".

    Hope that helps!

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