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  1. Does the website with Dan White, Dan Haus and Bob Smith (aka Three) still exist? They had some really cool effects that I still see on youtube.

    Secondly, will that effect with that "side lean" performed by Haus ever be released? Please say yes, please say yes?

    Here's a clip:
  2. Thats a variation of the David copperfield laser illusion. Its revealed many places on youtube.
  3. Actually that's the effect "The Lean" that was created by Michael Jackson for his Smooth Criminal video.

    I can't remember who currently is selling the effect but I know it's like a $500 dollar trick.
  4. Thanks Draven for posting that. That is neat to view an effect like that with the patent and description.
  5. Thanks gents, I suspected that this would have been a variation. I guess I was hoping that there was another method to it. The "Matrix Suspension" that Cyril does, and I think even Chris Angel did, looks like a different method.

    Anybody know the answer to my initial question? Prior to Theory11, Dan, Dan and Bob were a trio, like the three magi or something like that. They had a website before to promote themselves and get gigs.
  6. I know how to make it, but that would take some materials and tools that I don't normally have access too.

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