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  1. Thru-Line by b.Smith

    Card Magic | Intermediate-Easy | Download | 25 Minutes | $10 |

    Before the effect begins, the magician advises the spectator not to pick the 'Joker', as it will be used soon. A card is freely selected, committed to memory and lost in the middle of the deck. The spectator is asked to visualize the 'Joker' as their card, and just by the way the spectator is looking at the card, the magician accurately names their selected card. But to make it 'permanent' the magician asks the spectator to write their card's value and symbol on the back of the 'Joker'. Once done, the magician visually changes the 'Joker' into the spectator's selected card, but to prove it did indeed change, their selected card is turned over and the same value and symbol the spectators wrote on the 'Joker' are infact on the back of their card now.

    A devious control...A deceptive peak...A visual change...And a killer ending...IT'S THRU-LINE!

    The effect also features b.Smith's wicked 5ive-One Control.

    Once again, production was top notch and b.Smith's teaching was superb; leaving you with no questions asked, as it literally feeling as if you're 1-on-1 with the WTF Team. Along with various angles and intricate detail as well, so you get the best.

    I really enjoy b.Smith's little tips thrown in around the video, such as, why each move is motivated and why it makes sense.

    The effect itself is simple, impromptu, and mind-boggling, the killer ending is a second blow to the head!

    Once again, b.Smith introduces another effect that involves multiple climaxes, just when they think it's over, it hasn't even begun!

    There is a move involved, b.Smith's 5ive-One Control, that may have put off a few [beginners], but overall it's within the grasp of every performer.

    This is definitely an effect I can see myself performing here.and.there. and I really love the simplicity about it.

    And just like the ad states, 'All aboard the crazy train!"
  2. Looks pretty solid. I'm also interested in the control.
  3. Thru Line b Smith

    That is some deep tread on there I just hope that Pro-Line used a slightly harder compound this time. Their Badlands Ver. 1 & 2 were way too soft for my liking.

  4. Couldnt agree more Badlands ver 1 & 2 was so soft it would break every time I would the smallest snag in my line. Their tackle box is extremely well made and has a lot of great compartments for storage. I cant wait for fall they are coming out with a line of decoys called Goober Patrol that has been receiving extremely high field testing marks.
  5. What? is this fishing
  6. Haha, my thoughts exactly.

    But let's direct our attention to the topic of this thread-Thru-Line by b.Smith ;)

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