Thunderbird by Lee Asher : Performance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Field, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hi and welcome to the forums :). Well performed, I didn't see any flashing. Perhaps zoom out a bit for any future videos though ;)
  2. Thank you very much for the feedback,
    Tom Field
  3. i liked it.want to see more of ur videos tom...
  4. Thank you very much, achuthan1988,
    When I post new videos, I'll post them up here.
    Thank you,
    Tom Field
  5. Either zoom out, or cut the titles off completely. they sorta ruin it.

    Good performance.
  6. really good job dude! Nothing flashed at all. I would maybe slow down and zoom out just a bit, but other than that it was really good..
  7. Thank you very much everyone for your feedback.
    I will most likely make another one following your advice,
    Tom Field
  8. Be sure to upload it to our Media section, upon completion. Would love to feature this one.
  9. That was great. Where can you learn Thunderbird?
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  11. The second video should probably be up tomorrow,
    If not sooner!
    Thanks everyone,
    Tom Field
  12. Answer me this:

    Why two accounts?

  13. Excellent job. Loved this.
  14. This was awesome. I loved it as well. You need to be doing this all of the time to open an ace routine. You probably already do though. Ha Ha.
    Keep it up. I want to see more videos as well. Great Job.
  15. Still not as good as this one though ;)

    Practise makes perfect!


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